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10 Elements of Cultivating Children to Be Smart

by:Newsoon     2021-08-04
* Give praise and encouragement to children's novel ideas, imagination, and ingenious play.  * Actively guide and encourage children to ask questions, and regard asking questions as one of the means of education.  * Create a new atmosphere where children are valued in the group. * Make children understand self-esteem, put forward their own thoughts and views on things.  * Cultivate the courage and confidence of children to create.  * Cultivate children's observation ability.  * Try to encourage children to explore new things and don’t stay on what they already understand.  * Avoid children’s fear, do not intimidate children, and prevent imprisoning children’s intellectual activities.  * Listen to the child's words, grasp his inner world, and grasp the positive factors.  * During the child’s growth and development, avoid using old ideas or dogmas as the yardstick for the child’s actions.
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