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3 big milk warming skills new mothers must learn

by:Newsoon     2021-08-03
Every detail of the baby's diet and daily life requires the mother to take care of it, especially drinking milk powder, which is directly related to health. If you use too cold water to prepare milk powder, your baby will have diarrhea. If you use too hot water to prepare milk powder, it will destroy various nutrients in the milk powder. Therefore, the temperature of the water used to prepare milk powder should be well controlled, generally around 40°C.   Don’t think that warming milk is just heating the milk powder casually. Warming milk is a technical job. The correct method of warming milk can well retain the various nutrients in the milk powder, so that the baby can eat fresh milk powder that is suitable for temperature. The traditional methods of warming milk include water-proof scalding, and some use technological products to maintain milk temperature, namely, milk warmers and thermostats.  Milk-warming technique-hot-water heating method  The pace of winter is slowly approaching. This winter, if you want babies to eat warm and nutritious milk powder all the time, the technique of warming milk is a must. The first thing I teach today is the most primitive method-the hot water heating method. The hot water method is to put the prepared milk powder in a milk bottle and heat it in a hot water bath. This method is simple and easy to operate and requires simple tools. The disadvantage is that it is inconvenient to control the temperature of the warm milk. Next, let's learn the specific steps of the water-permeable heating method with the editor.  Boiled water for standby: The principle of warming milk in the water-insulating blanching method is to transfer the heat energy of hot water to the milk powder through heat conduction, so as to achieve the purpose of warming the milk, so I wish the hot water standby is the first step in warming the milk.   Water bath heating: Find a suitable size container (the bottom area is larger than the milk bottle, and the height is similar to the milk bottle), pour hot water into the container, and put the milk bottle into the hot water for heating (the water level should not be over the nipple interface of the milk bottle). Measuring milk temperature: The time for warming milk depends on the amount of warming milk and the amount of warm milk hot water, so the control of the warming time requires the accumulation of experience of mothers. Before feeding the warm milk, the mother should first check whether the temperature is suitable .
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