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3 - What are 6 years old baby educational toys?

by:Newsoon     2021-01-20

1。 Puzzle

jigsaw puzzle is a toy is suitable for any age. 3 - Children under the age of 6 space rotation ability will have a rapid development, some children can rotating plane figure in mind, and can form the combination of graphic representation. As children grow older, however, the development of the ability, the difference between children will slowly emerge.

as a result, the level of the jigsaw puzzle and difficulty, according to the child's age and gradually increase the game level. Specific how to increase there are three ways:

the number of puzzles from less to more, according to the child's age increases gradually, the less the number of younger puzzles, and vice versa.

puzzle from the rules to the irregular shape, according to the child's age to change. Such as: our class is the puzzle in the conventional cognitive rules, but we can find some picture books, don't need random clipping, homemade some irregular puzzle.

the puzzle of bottom plate is from physical to image, to complete the outline. Note: this is aimed at graphics puzzle, first of all, we can give children assembling a graphic copy, then I can give children according to the shape of each graphic for assembling, at last give the child a assembling the outline of the graphics, let the child choose corresponding graphics for assembling.

jigsaw puzzle is a preschool child develop space rotation simple cognitive method, is the beginning of the mathematics of enlightenment.

as a result, the puzzle is one of the toy baby any age are indispensable.

2。 Chess

if treasure mom asked: how to thinking training of children, how to train the child's concentration, then make mama tell you, the most economical way is to play chess.

4 - in children At the age of five is the best age to learn to play chess, for it is the development of intelligence, wisdom, enhance memory, ability to focus and setbacks good time, they don't have heavy study tasks, enough time, active, studious, strong curiosity, willing to accept new things, and accept ability.

believe parents hope is eventually children learn chess, chess, but this is for beginner's baby is too complicated, too difficult, is not easy to insist on. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that turn from black and white chess, gobang, animal checker, such as military chess very simple board began. The board rules not only simple, easy to use, some still have the strong interest, such as animal checker, military chess.

of course, if the parents and children learn together, must be the best, the most obvious, chess is two people thing, you are the best partners for children.

but beware: if you want to give children to provide advice, need to pay attention to your tone of voice. Consult with a tone ask children, for example, 'how do you think', etc. , so children easy to accept.

treasure mom, playing chess to the child's brain development, concentration increase is super helpful, take baby to try it, you will have the harvest!

3。 Maze toys

mazes can effectively improve the child's voluntary attention and spatial intelligence, help young children learn to the overall observation and comprehensive thinking, cultivating children's reverse thinking ability and the quality of the calm, dare to challenge, etc.

maze toys is the shape of a square design inside there are many small labyrinth, equipped with stainless steel beads. But this maze toys suitable for children over the age of five, about 3 years old baby recommends that treasure mom for baby maze on the paper, starting from the maze on the paper.

maze toy is can develop children's intelligence. The maze toys is also has the infinite fun and exploratory.

4。 Rubik's cube

the baby after the age of three, you can contact the rubik's cube, rubik's cube can exercise the baby many sided, it is also have a lot of the benefits of the.

in the first place, play rubik's cube involves using the fingers, the skilled play, the faster the hand speed, can exercise the child's finger flexibility, the second is the ability to fully open the children's intelligence, promote the growth of the brain. Memory

play rubik's cube to remember before walk steps and color attribute, can very good to help children improve memory. Attention

people know that the play rubik's cube, rubik's cube is hard, playing people need highly concentrated attention, therefore, children play rubik's cube is also can develop the child's attention. Reactions

rubik's cube on the brain and fingers to cooperate, can exercise the child's ability to respond. Mathematical

play rubik's cube needs to have good space thinking ability, and even the need to establish a coordinate system in the brain, help kids learn math in the future is very big.

5。 Sudoku

sudoku is recognized in the world, and one of the most effective way to mathematical thinking training, play sudoku, exercise their brain, not only improve their logical thinking, more math can help to them, many good grades students begin to learn as a child, sudoku Hu Yuxuan in films like 'the strongest brain', for example, from the age of 6 began to learn sudoku, because learning sudoku, math scores well, was admitted to tsinghua high school.

in fact, children around the age of three can play sudoku, the parents might as well start with basic 3 x3 graphics sudoku, why did you choose this kind of sudoku? On the one hand, the number is less, the child is better fit; On the other hand is a graphics than abstract figure is to arouse children's interest.

the 3 x3 graphics sudoku only rows and columns, rows and columns for children belong to the abstract concept, difficult to understand, therefore, mom and dad notice from help her children.

3 x3 graphics sudoku sudoku is just the most basic introduction, from the four games began, you truly into the door of sudoku. Four GongGe sudoku and 3 x3 sudoku, the first step is critical, only solve the first step, after each step can be solved. After four GongGe children are familiar with the graphics, parents can be advanced a difficulty, let they challenge the easy sudoku.
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