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39 Healthnet parent-child activity topic officially launched in October

by:Newsoon     2021-07-30
In the next six months, will plan a series of large-scale parent-child offline activities (activity name: Baby and Family), covering the five major categories of food, use, play, teaching, and service, and will be conducted in the form of product experience, education lectures, amusement, performances, competitions, etc. .   According to reports, 39 organized this series of activities because of the product quality and safety issues that consumers are most concerned about, especially the quality issues of pregnant, infant and child products. From 'melamine milk powder' to 'medical waste manufacturing toys,' to 'children's clothing with formaldehyde exceeding the standard,' the exposure of a series of bad incidents forced consumers to turn their attention to imported products. ***With the promulgation of the 'Milk Restriction OrderHealth, committed to recommending quality products to consumers!    Organizer 39 Health Network (
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