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A bathing suit is enough for a hot spring

by:Newsoon     2021-06-12

The hot springs are natural water that gushes out of the public, so frequent hot springs are good for physical and mental well-being. Many girls who know how to maintain health will often take hot springs. So the question is, what kind of clothes should I wear for hot springs? In fact, one customized hot spring swimsuit is enough.

Of course, girls wear swimsuits in hot springs, but swimsuits should not cover their bodies too much. In a strict sense, they should wear as little as possible. Since hot springs require direct skin contact with hot spring water, many swimsuits are tight-fitting. Not conducive to blood circulation.

Wearing a bathing suit must be exquisite for the suits. Your main purpose is to conceal. Then you can generously wear a brightly colored swimming suit, which must be flat-angled, and then wear an elegant bath towel and add a big one. Point the pin or hairpin. This can spread attention to other centers. It not only hides the lack but also makes it more beautiful.

Because the function of hot spring water is generally directly absorbed through the skin, some effects such as moisturizing, exfoliating, and removing bacteria all require direct contact between the hot spring water and the skin. If you are still not accustomed to swimwear, you can choose hot spring swimwear custom suspender tops and shorts, but the demand is weaker than better. Because of this, the purpose of going to the hot springs is achieved, otherwise, it will be wasted.

The choice of swimsuits is also exquisite. The water in the hot springs can harm swimsuits to a certain extent, so don't buy those poor-quality swimsuits. Choose swimsuits carefully.

So what are the precautions for hot springs?

Girls don’t bring too good swimsuits for hot springs. Swimsuits that are too expensive to go to the hot springs will cause damage to the swimsuits because the hot spring water contains sulfur, so it’s not necessary. The bathing suits worn in hot springs are different from ordinary bathing suits. Because the hot springs have higher water temperature and contain minerals, the elasticity of ordinary bathing suits will be destroyed if they are soaked for too long. In addition, the water temperature of the hot spring will destroy the elasticity of the swimsuit when it is above 40 degrees Celsius, so the normal swimsuit after soaking in the hot spring can no longer be used. It is recommended not to wear good and expensive swimsuits.

Soaking in hot springs requires direct skin contact with hot spring water, so you should wear bikinis as much as possible when customizing hot spring swimsuits so that your skin can fully contact the hot spring water, which can also greatly reduce the damage of high hot spring water to the swimsuit.

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