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Abbott milk powder tips to develop your baby’s emotional intelligence

by:Newsoon     2021-08-05
A baby of 2 to 3 months old can develop his EQ. Many parents think that it is enough to develop the baby’s IQ during this period, and there is no need to develop the baby’s EQ. In fact, a higher level of EQ is conducive to the development of the baby’s creation. Strength, improve the baby’s brain development. And in the future study and life of the baby, a higher EQ will help promote the baby's brain development. And how to develop the baby's emotional intelligence? Abbott milk powder provides answers for parents.   The old saying goes well: one year old looks old, three year old looks old. Therefore, the baby’s emotional intelligence development is cultivated from infancy, and the baby’s emotional intelligence is affected by the parents***, so parents should cultivate a good learning habit for the baby, and in learning, parents should cultivate the baby’s speaking ability. You can often communicate with your baby. The development of a baby's emotional intelligence is inseparable from good interpersonal relationships. Parents can let the baby get in touch with the crowd in this period.   In addition to interpersonal relationships, EQ also includes self-confidence, curiosity, self-control, emotions, and compassion. Parents should build up the baby's self-confidence and let the baby believe that many things can be done by himself. The curiosity of the baby also needs parents to stimulate the baby to learn about new things, while the emotion is to hope that the baby has a lively and cheerful personality and maintain a happy mood. Of course, self-control and compassion are also important to your baby's EQ.   Abbott’s milk powder reminds that attention to your baby’s EQ should start at a young age.
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