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Abide by safety, take care of mother and child-Golden Kangaroo Safe Mother and Child Program

by:Newsoon     2021-07-30
Unsafe milk powder, unsafe milk bottles, unsafe travel of infants and young children, unsafe medical equipment... In the environment of malignant infant and young children, 'abide by safety and take care of mothers and babies' is ready to come out. The safety of maternal and child products is related to the health of pregnant mothers and infants, as well as the happiness of every family. In order to allow Chinese pregnant mothers and babies to enjoy healthy and safe products, promote the concept of 'safety firstThe baby plan advocates enterprises, the public, and the media to give full play to their supervisory role to curb behaviors that damage the safety and health of mothers and babies. On October 30, at the 4th China Maternal and Child Health Development Forum and Shanghai International Maternity and Child Health Industry Exhibition, China Maternity and Child Health Association will join hands with the industry’s leading brands to jointly launch the 'Golden Kangaroo Safe Mother and Child Program' and pledge to Chinese pregnant women and babies provide a safer living environment. The three-day event is divided into three parts: launching, advocacy, and practice. Launching day: October 30, the launching ceremony of the Golden Kangaroo Maternal and Child Safety Plan, led by the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the Maternal and Child Health Association, and more than 1,800 maternal and child health hospitals across the country Guests and representatives of maternal and child medication, maternal and child food and health products, maternal and child diagnosis and treatment companies and institutions and enterprises attended the launching ceremony.  Publicity Day: On October 31, the safety maternal and child brand public welfare event display board, detailed the efforts and achievements of outstanding maternal and child brands under the theme of maternal and child safety.  Practice Day: On November 1st, a large-scale public welfare activity and experience room for maternal and child safety, maternal and child health experts and maternal and child medical and supplies companies jointly held a safety landing activity, inviting mothers-to-be and new parents to experience free safe diagnosis and treatment and supplies.  Welcome more companies to join the 'Golden Kangaroo Maternal and Child Safety Plan'.
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