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alert! Children's junk food ranking

by:Newsoon     2021-08-04
When it comes to 'junk food   Garbage Index: ★★★★★  Cola and other soft drinks-typical 'junk food'   which contains almost no other nutrients needed by the human body except sugar and phosphorus. At present, there is too much phosphorus in our food, and too much phosphorus will hinder the absorption of calcium and promote the loss of calcium. When there is food in the diet, no additional sugar is needed.   Garbage Index: ★★★★    Twist, bun and other fried snacks—the protein, vitamin and mineral content are all insufficient.  Frying oil is heated for a long time, the fatty acid undergoes harmful chemical changes, which will introduce a variety of harmful ingredients; in order to improve the taste, alum is often added to it, which is the source of aluminum contamination in food.  Candy-the main ingredient is sucrose, and the sugar content is usually above 85%. Among sugar foods, chocolate has a good nutritional image, but the real health benefits are dark chocolate with a cocoa content of more than 70%. Potato chips and rice crackers-Potato chips are made from potatoes rich in potassium and B vitamins. They have a good foundation. They can absorb a large amount of fat during frying, causing serious vitamin loss and the formation of unhealthy 'acrylamide'. Class substance. At the same time, after excessive seasoning, the salt content is higher.
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