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All-day baby-friendly food teaches you how to help your baby's healthy calcium supplement

by:Newsoon     2021-08-03
Children are prone to lack of calcium during the growth process, mothers must pay attention to timely supplementation. However, many parents are afraid of trouble and directly buy some calcium supplement products for their babies. These are not recommended. Diet therapy should be regarded as the healthiest and safest way to supplement calcium for babies. Mom pays attention to the baby's diet and nutrition, and prepares foods that can supplement calcium for the baby. For feeding guidelines, please see the calcium supplement foods summarized in the editor below.  1. Formula milk with balanced nutrition    Formula milk is the main source of nutrition for the baby in the early stage. Choosing a good formula milk is particularly important to choosing a good complementary food. I recommend the Mum’s Pride milk powder (Mum’s Pride) sold by All Day Love, which contains a combination of prebiotics and is composed of galactooligosaccharides and polyfructose, which helps to improve the intestinal environment and support intestinal health. The whole series of products do not add sucrose and flavorings. There are currently three stages of milk powder that can be consumed by babies of different ages. Nutrition is very comprehensive and balanced.  2. Chocolate and strawberry milk   If the child is not willing to drink pure white milk, you can add other flavored milk to him. Although these milk have some more calories than normal milk, their calcium content is the same.  3, yogurt  There are many flavors and types to choose from, there are yogurt in a cup, and yogurt that can be sucked in a tube; there is always one that your child will like.  4、Cheese  All kinds of cheese are rich in calcium. Choose those with 2% fat or low-fat to reduce the total fat and saturated fat intake of mother and baby.  5. Soft cheese   can be eaten alone or mixed with the child’s favorite fruit.  6, calcium-containing orange juice  8 ounces (approximately 226 grams) of orange juice contains calcium (300 mg) equivalent to the calcium content in a glass of milk. 7. Broccoli and dark green leafy vegetables try different leafy greens, such as spinach, kale leaves, turnips and mustard greens; try different kinds of canned, fresh, frozen, etc. and add butter to taste .   8. Soy milk     Whether you choose pure soy milk, vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry flavored soy milk, you must first confirm whether it is a calcium-added product. Soy milk currently on the market is generally added with calcium, and its calcium content is the same as that of ordinary milk.  9. Beans    is not just green beans, we should eat more beans, such as kidney beans, pinto beans, cloud beans and chickpeas. Most of them contain a considerable amount of calcium.  10. Pasty food   Children like to help you put things in the blender, first put milk and yogurt in, and then let the children choose a favorite fruit to add.  11. Soup   Use milk instead of water to blend broth or tomato soup.  12. Cheese sauce on top of vegetables   Learn to make a low-fat cheese sauce with skim milk, and pour this sauce on every vegetable your child eats, from broccoli to cauliflower to potatoes.  13. Oatmeal and cooked hot oatmeal   When you boil oatmeal with milk, they will be thicker and more flavorful than boiled in water.   During the baby's growth and development, mothers must not neglect to nurse their baby's physical condition. Babies are in the golden age of bone development. Calcium deficiency will seriously affect the normal development of bones and even lead to symptoms such as poor development of the baby. Therefore, mothers must supplement calcium in a timely and comprehensive manner for their babies. As long as you pay attention to perfect your baby's diet, your baby will definitely stay away from the troubles of calcium deficiency and let your baby grow up healthy.
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