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Amber reminds consumers how to identify the quality of baby toiletries

by:Newsoon     2021-07-30
At the moment when the season is changing, no matter what food or clothing is used for, the whole shop must be refurbished. The same is true for baby and child care products. Different functions and smells are required. So how to identify the quality of these baby toiletries, please listen to the opinions of Amber's care experts:    children's skin care products are thinner than adult's. For example, the water content of children's lotion is very high. If it feels very sticky after applying the product for children, this is wrong. Children's bath lotions and shampoos are also thinner than adult ones. This is due to the nature of the ingredients of children's toiletries, and it is impossible for any manufacturer to make it very thick. If children's toiletries are thick, it is definitely not a good product.   1. Less foam. Although children's toiletries are thin, they have a certain viscosity and not much foam. Because the more bubbles, the more irritating the product is.  2, slippery after washing. After washing, it feels slippery, as if it has not been washed (in fact, it has been washed).   In addition, parents should buy professional products. Most of the products from non-professional and formal production of children’s cosmetics manufacturers are not credible, because these products are likely to be adult products, so you should never buy them.
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