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Appropriate Toys For Children purchase an Age Stages

by:Newsoon     2020-07-29
0 - 2 years
At this stage, infants like to understand more about and touch things, their vision and hearing may be in development, and attention is unstable. About 1 year old, they understand learn to speak and in order to put small things in large boxes; like to open the bottle, to roll balls, to push the tumbler and play with blocks.
Toys with bright colors and beautiful music make it easier to develop baby's concentration. While animal rattle, rattle-drum, ring bell et cetera. help to train baby's fine motor skills. Active toys and sound toys such as push cars and pull toys to further improve children's consideration in walking; small stuffed animals, dolls, building blocks, small ring and basket help children conscious of things, to exercise eye-hand coordination freedom.
2 - 4 years
Children during this period can walk longer and i have stronger capacity to activity. They like to play combined games with partners, have strong ability to imitate, and use items in daily life to play, such as small stool, small tableware, small bucket, etc. these help children to see the characteristics and properties of things. Parents can also offer children with some toys best for outdoor activities, such as dynamic cars, big balloons, etc. wanting to learn exercise and develop big motor operate.
4 - 5 years
Children this stage for you to understand things around, not to mention the relationship between people, enjoy playing different roles in the common life, for instance father, mother, drivers, doctors, nurses, members of the military. Therefore, parents should choose toys with simple show your. Such as the doll is a good idea to have limbs, eyes can rotate, clothes to wear and take off, and small cookers, medical equipment, etc.
5 years later
Children from five yrs . old to plus the reason for school have rapid development of understanding propensity. Parents can choose some educational toys, such as modeling clay, building blocks, educational assembly car, drawing board, calculator etc., in addition, also you can choose some simple chess toys, ball activities, since checkers, chess so that youngsters develop the intelligence and motor skills at the same time.
The general principle is usually that young students are more understanding of sound and style, parents can choose some dynamic sound toys. In choosing toys for children (less than 6 years old), it is not suitable to show the difference in gender too early, and it doesn't necessarily to be able to choose dynamic toys like guns, planes, tank for boys or choose static toy like dolls for girls.
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