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Are you aware These Six Famous Toys Brands

by:Newsoon     2020-07-24
SIMBA in Germany
SIMBA's philosophy is every single kid toys can simply bring pleasure for kids, but a little more. SIMBA, which now have the largest and probably the most advanced production base in Europe, was founded in Germany in 1952. Along with Mercedes-Benz and BMW, they are the pride on the Germans. Two advanced toys research and development centers are in Hong Kong, China and Furth, Spain. All their toys get authoritative certification by European. Dominoes, hula hoops, yo-yo and big building block are thought to be the top four great inventions by SIMBA. In addition, boxes toys get the international awards.
Bandai in Japan
Bandai, which's history could be dated in order to 1950s, is the largest toys manufacturer in Japan and also one of famous toys companies in the field. Bandai has a gift on animation field, comic field and toys field. In addition, it has lots of portraiture rights including Gundam, Saint Seiya, masked Superman, Ultraman, Sailor Moon, Digimon and other hundreds of well-known animated images.
Viking toys in Sweden
Viking's philosophy is that let baby know society when playing and develop their brains when working with. Viking was found about thirty in the past. All the year, they always make soft and plastic toys with top higher quality. Its style is simple, stylish and excellent quality.
Quercetti in Italy
Creating continually is Quercetti's philosophy. After establishing fifty years ago, Quercetti has abundant experience on developing, designing and producing educational real life dolls. It is not only famous educational toys brand in Italy, but also the pioneer in educational toys field. In an effort to maintain costly quality, all the toys due to Quercetti are produced in Italy and then exported to everyone over the world.
MEGABLOCKS in Canada may be the leading toy brand in world, all toys you can find at MEGABLOCKS include infant toys, dinosaur eggs series, Pirates of the islands series, Spider-Man series, laser robots, magnetic fighters, trucks series moment on on, which pay more attention on design and development.
LEGO in Denmark
Famous play blocks in world are made by LEGO. The newest models apple colorful plastic building blocks, gears, mini-villain and many parts, children can construct what would like with their super ingenuity. According to the scale of unit element, LEGO building blocks can be divided into four series, from large to small scale, have got baby building blocks, befitting for 1-18 months baby, quatro building blocks, suitable for 2-3 years baby, duplo building blocks suitable for 2-6 years kids and standard building blocks, suitable for baby older than 4 growth cycles.
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