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As long as they are made of pure cotton baby clothes?

by:Newsoon     2021-01-24

everybody is clear, the baby's skin is very sensitive and delicate, if the baby to wear clothes not soft, may cause friction in a baby's skin is prone to redness, breakage were injured, even may cause allergic phenomenon, so many people have suggested that parents give the baby to buy cotton fabric clothes, what is baby clothes, as long as they are pure cotton.

generally buy baby clothes, parents in businesses see not write on the label is 100% cotton with cotton, so what is cotton or cotton, some parents think that as long as it is cotton, some thought must be 100% cotton.

actually 100% cotton clothing is not necessarily the best, because cotton is easy to shrink, probably every time, in addition to the shrink once, doesn't fit to change soon, usually only 95% cotton and cotton, in the textile cotton fabric will add other ingredients, such as polyurethane and acrylic or lycra fiber composition, adding not only can solve the problem of clothes shrink, increase elasticity, also can make the clothes fabric is out of shape not easily, let baby wearing more comfortable, so for the baby, pure cotton clothes are better than cotton clothes.

although cotton clothes is more suitable for baby wear, but it can't focus on whether to contain cotton clothing fabrics, also look back to see if there is a dyeing or printing, because the clothes alkali residue dyeing or printing is very high, when the baby comes into contact with skin the alkali, alkaline will destroy the baby skin surface layer of skin, so the clothes with printing or dyeing can't the baby wear, especially don't wear close-fitting underwear, baby.
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