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Baby clothes use detergent to wash

by:Newsoon     2021-01-26

parents all know that the baby had been born didn't develop to term, and so, in the skin touch the baby's skin with smooth and delicate, is likely to be stimulated, because situations appear allergy, etc. , so the laundry parents also care all the more, the baby clothes use detergent to wash?

baby clothes can't use ordinary washing powder, washing powder is suitable for ordinary adults for adults, but as a result of detergent surfactants and cosolvent easy to stimulate the skin, thus not suitable for baby clothes clean. Use the baby special laundry detergent or neutral detergent is better, too alkaline detergent and soap for baby's delicate skin damage is larger.

baby clothes washing laundry detergent or more. Especially in recent years, there are numerous maternal and child supplies company, are specially designed for baby production laundry products, such as laundry products is given priority to with plant cleaning ingredients, greatly reduce the bad effect for the skin. Additional may also have mild antibacterial ingredients, eliminate bacteria on baby clothes and texture also does not hurt the skin and clothing. And it is no phosphorus formula.

baby clothes should pay attention to wash separately. When cleaning should be separate adult and baby clothes, clothes for adults may pick on many of the bacteria, wash will together to baby. Baby clothes with a dedicated basin, and try to hand wash, do not use washing machine, to avoid the hidden bacterial contamination.
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