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Baby products leverage mobile Internet industry development continues to upgrade

by:Newsoon     2021-08-03
With the rapid development and popularization of the mobile Internet, more and more companies use mobile terminals to recommend their products. This has also provided a new idea for the network marketing and brand building of baby products companies. Many baby products companies have begun to abandon the previous concept of 'wine fragrance is not afraid of deep alleys   The words 'don't let their children lose on the starting line' deeply pierced the minds of Chinese parents, making them willing to spend any money on their children. Especially as the only child born in the 1980s grows into young parents, the consumption of infant products is becoming more and more refined: from nutrition and parenting books before pregnancy to radiation protection suits and prenatal education CDs after pregnancy, and the month after delivery. Sister-in-law, baby nurse, plus baby bedding, milk powder, clothing, etc. It can be seen that baby products seem to have entered an era of comprehensive high consumption, and the fierce high-end consumption wave has also achieved a market scale of hundreds of billions of yuan in China's baby products.   He Bibo has been engaged in baby products for many years. With his understanding and in-depth analysis of the mobile Internet, he has recently realized the 'baby and children products' mobile Internet online development model, which provides a new direction for the development of the industry. He Bibo said that although some major economies around the world are in a period of low birth rates, the latest research by Mintel from Linkshop.com shows that my country's baby products industry is booming and the scale of the industry has doubled in the past five years.   It is understood that in 2011, the total market value of China's infant care products was 3.837 billion yuan***. Mintel expects that by 2017, China's infant care product market will grow by about 53%, with sales reaching 6.497 billion yuan***. According to the analysis, the introduction of new products, especially the introduction of high-end brands, has made the market more diversified, which will serve as a catalyst to increase consumer interest in products and promote the development of the market towards high-end.   Make every effort to build a strong brand. Young parents have always adhered to their pursuit of fashion and personality traits, and have a higher awareness of the brand. 62% of households are willing to buy well-known brands and are willing to pay high prices within their capabilities, which shows that in the baby products market, consumers highly recognize the value and connotation of brands. For enterprises, whoever can win the status of the brand in the hearts of consumers can gain an advantage in market competition.   In-depth network marketing. Today, the Internet has become an effective tool and an important channel for corporate brand marketing, and Chinese infant products companies should also attach importance to this platform. As more and more parents born in the 1980s like to buy baby products online, they establish a relationship of mutual trust with consumers through the Internet, and a good word-of-mouth communication effect is formed among the parents born in the 1980s.
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