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Baidu's maternal and child intimate search quietly goes online

by:Newsoon     2021-07-30
In view of the trivial and difficult access to maternal and child knowledge on the Internet, it often takes a long time to search for information in order to solve a problem. Baidu believes that it should provide mothers with a more friendly and powerful special search product-Maternal and Infant Intimate. On September 16, Baidu's Maternal and Infant Intimate Search was quietly launched. According to users' search needs, this product uses integrated processing, screening and classification, and big data analysis and mining technologies to prepare mothers and expectant mothers for pregnancy, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and child rearing, etc. Provide maternal and child knowledge at all stages, and at the same time have the ability to answer and talk. At this year’s Baidu World Congress, Baidu’s next-generation search engine technology-'Zhongxin' search*** was unveiled. It emphasizes the strong relevance of sorting, the effective, reasonable and beautiful display of information, the relevance of recommended information, and the usefulness of browsing. The stimulus of desire, the search term as the center and the organic integration of various categories of information.
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