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Beschule and the Chinese Eugenics Science Association launched the 'E-Core You Ai Public Welfare Project'

by:Newsoon     2021-08-01
Every baby deserves care and care, every child deserves attention and protection, because they are the future and hope of the motherland, and they are gifts from God to mankind. Along with this longing and desire, in October 2013, Besule, a diaper brand under Bairun Group, joined hands with the China Eugenics Science Association to launch the 'E-Core Love Charity Project, and jointly pay attention to the growth of babies' theme charity activities across the country, calling for more Many people come to participate and understand. This theme public welfare activity will be carried out around two dimensions: ideologically, transfer professional maternal and child knowledge, build a knowledge structure of infant and child care and health care, so that parents can understand the baby better; in action, it will stimulate consumers' soft heart at the same time , Sow the actual love on the motherland. Based on the consideration of these two dimensions, Beishule has extended three public welfare activities: Exinyouai Maternal and Child Lecture Hall, Exinyouai Science Popularization and Education, and Exinyouai Charity Series of charity activities to make mothers “know your baby better” The lack of knowledge about mothers and babies in public welfare projects has caused many novice mothers to have doubts in the process of feeding their children. Fragmented knowledge cannot meet the needs of many problems for babies. In response to this, Beschule and the Chinese Eugenics Science Association launched a maternal and child knowledge dissemination activity to help mothers understand their babies better. (1) E-Core Youai Maternity and Infant Lecture Hall: In response to the baby care issues that mothers are generally concerned about, Baxule and the Chinese Eugenics Science Association jointly invited well-known experts in the field of maternal and child health or pediatrics to target maternal and child professionals across the country Hold a number of lectures on professional children's skin care knowledge with consumers, and build a platform for consumers to communicate face-to-face with experts. A few days ago, Jiangyin Leyin Maternity and Infant Specialty Chain has jointly kicked off the first curtain, and then successively launched cooperation with various infant and child chains in major cities across the country. Pictured: Teacher Fu Xiaoqing gave professional maternal and child knowledge training to the store manager of Jiangyin Leyin pregnancy and infants professional chain (2) E-core Youai popular science education: In order to popularize the popular science knowledge of baby skin care, Beshu It is fun to post educational exhibition boards with interesting knowledge and professional maternal and child knowledge in major maternal and child stores, baby swimming pools and other places across the country, so as to better and directly publicize common sense of maternal and child health and infant and child care. Let more families truly feel the concept of scientific nursing and healthy parenting.  Focus on the healthy growth of babies and give back to the society with love    While building a cultural framework and environment, Besule is also taking real actions. For this reason, the 'E-Core Youai Charity' project was born. Besule promises to donate 10 cents for every pack of diapers in the 'Gold Core, E Core, E+ Core, Small Clear Core, Extra Thin and Dry' product series, and Besule donates 10 cents, and cooperates with baby and child chain stores across the country. Donation activities with love, the proceeds from the donation funded orphanages, social welfare homes and other institutions to care for the healthy growth of disadvantaged babies. E-core Youai Charity, and hope that more members of the community will join the charity action. Pictured: Besule E-core Youai charity activities involved in the love of the seeds of love products, Besule continues to sow as an outstanding enterprise in the field of domestic baby products, Besule insists on providing high-quality products to Chinese consumers, at the same time, He is also committed to caring for the healthy growth of babies for a long time, and calls on all sectors of the society to pay attention to the health of China's mothers and babies, and to pay attention to the healthy growth of Chinese babies.   It is reported that Beishule and the Chinese Eugenics Science Association reached a long-term cooperative relationship as early as 2011. In October 2011, Bessule launched a large-scale public welfare activity of 'One Hundred Thousand Baby Health Care' nationwide, which was successively launched in 16 cities in seven provinces of Sichuan, Hubei, Hunan, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangsu, and Jiangxi. In March 2013, Besule sent warmth to the local poor children in Jiujiang Children's Welfare Institute. The person in charge of the Bashule brand said: 'Due to the experience, it is profound and always inspires us to keep moving forward. Of course, we also hope that more caring people can join us and make a small contribution to the future of our children. I believe, This is the dream of the children, it is also the dream of Beschule, and it is the Chinese dream we have together.'
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