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Buy baby clothes, 'Angel Baby' teaches skills

by:Newsoon     2021-08-05
The most important thing for baby clothing is comfort and breathability, and natural fabrics such as cotton and linen are mostly used.   0-1 year old baby's clothing fabric selection   0-1 year old baby's skin is very delicate, so choose the fabric to be soft and comfortable. In terms of physiological characteristics, babies are more likely to sweat, have unsound defecation function, and are slower to adapt to the outside temperature. Therefore, the fabrics of intimate clothing such as baby rompers, jumpsuits, and pajamas not only require fast absorption of sweat, but also It is also resistant to washing and high in warmth. Therefore, the fabric of baby clothes at this stage is preferably cotton fabric. This kind of fabric feels soft, non-irritating, will not harm the baby's tender skin, and meets the requirements of baby growth.   1-2 year old children's clothing fabrics are chosen.   1-2 year old children are more active, so the fabrics of their clothing should be comfortable and easy to move. In addition to cotton fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics can also be used for fabrics. In autumn and winter, children's shirts, sweaters, jackets and other clothing that are in direct contact with the outside world pay more attention to elements such as dirt resistance and easy washing, and can choose velveteen, corduroy and other fabrics.   Nowadays manufacturers will also carry out special treatments on some ordinary fabrics, improve the weaving process, make the texture of the fabric softer and smoother, with better breathability, and more suitable for the growth needs of babies; sometimes some smart fabrics are also used. The colors and patterns of   baby clothes are relatively curious. Infants and young children usually like colorful and gorgeous toys, and they have a strong sense of color. Parents can consciously cultivate their color perception ability, so that children can be placed in a beautiful color environment, which can play a subtle role in the development of children's sense of color. Therefore, the color selection of baby clothes is also more important.   Research has found that putting the baby in an atmosphere where he likes colors will help cultivate his intelligence. Therefore, the colors of baby clothes can choose some popular colors, but they should be suitable for the baby, not too deep or too heavy.   Adult casual wear, coats and other popular elements cannot be completely transferred to baby clothing. Therefore, the choice of baby clothing can be decorated with cute animals, small flowers and small geometric patterns. For newly born babies, *** uses a circular pattern with a diameter of 6 cm. As the baby grows up day by day, you can gradually choose some small patterns, but parents should often change the pattern and the size of the pattern to stimulate the baby's sensory development. Baby clothes styles 0~2 years old baby clothes are not as obvious as men’s and women’s clothes like children’s clothes over 2 years old. Children’s clothing in this period should be selected with attention to the child’s physical health and comfort, such as easy to wear and take off. The choice of clothing is considered comprehensively in terms of beauty and generosity. Therefore, the style chooses a simple design with minimal seams. Baby clothes have evolved from a single monk-collared baby clothes in the past to a variety of convenient and beautiful styles. Parents also have a lot of leeway to choose. However, when choosing baby clothes, pay attention to the following points:    1. Baby clothes are not suitable to choose Wear clothing from the head to avoid inconvenience in putting on and taking off, causing the child to irritate and cry.  2. Babies who are under one year old can use diapers; if they are one year old, they can wear full crotch pants. Of course, taking into account the child's urine and urine. Open crotch pants can be covered with a pair of full crotch pants, which is not only hygienic and beautiful, but also convenient for children to put on and take off when they urinate.  3. The weight of clothing should not be concentrated on the waist. Some parents put elastic bands on the waist of their children’s trousers, so that the waist is overburdened, which is not good for the child’s development.  4. Children’s shirts and jackets, as far as possible, should be in front of the cardigan, so that they can easily dress before and after the argument and in the future.  5. Don’t choose clothes that are cumbersome and can’t get dirty and crumpled. Dress your child like an adult or a doll. Such restrained clothing is very detrimental to your child’s growth and development.   6. The scientific choice of clothing styles is conducive to the growth and development of children, and is also conducive to participating in activities and games, which are good for their intellectual and emotional development.  Baby’s Peripheral Products   In addition to clothing, there are also some other peripheral products, such as baby caps, handguards, bibs, and baby sleeping supplies. Baby caps are indispensable, but the structure must choose a simple design, so as not to affect the original intention of protecting the baby's head; other small objects are also indispensable: such as guards to prevent the baby from scratching his skin; and when feeding So as not to stain the bib of the baby's coat, etc. A major feature of babies is that they sleep more than they spend awake and play, so sleeping care products should also be listed as the focus. You can't use the simple quilt in the past to wrap things up. Choose according to different purposes:    1. Because of the baby's The hands and feet are more mobile, so when sleeping on the bed, we can add some soft bed circumference around the small bed to form a protective wall, so that when he can turn over, his head and body will not fall directly to the side of the bed; another method He designed his quilt into a sleeping bag connected as a whole, so that he would not catch a cold by kicking off the quilt. The quilt cover should be made of pure cotton fabric that can protect the baby's tender skin, and provide the baby with a warm and comfortable sleeping space.   2. You can choose a sleeping bag when you take your baby out. Summer sleeping bags should be sleeveless, *** adopts an expandable design, so that babies can continue to use it as a quilt when they grow up.  3. When going out, in order to facilitate the parents to carry the baby, a bed-type portable baby carrier can be used.   At the same time, the colors of these products should also be more light-colored, so that the baby's mood can be stabilized, and a good mood is the basis for cultivating a child's good attitude and feeling beauty.
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