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Buying cakes for children, remember 5 'nos'

by:Newsoon     2021-08-03
When buying cakes for children, remember the 5 'no'    1. Try not to buy cakes with hydrogenated vegetable oil. At present, the 'fresh milk' on the top of most cakes is hydrogenated vegetable oil, and hydrogenated vegetable oil or margarine is also added to the meringue below. The traditional choice is to add real cream and butter.   2. Try not to buy meringue cakes. Puff pastry means that a lot of fat must be added, and the nutritional value is very low. In the current situation, vegetable shortening is usually added, which contains trans fats. The same is a high-energy food, cheesecake will be better, because at least the cheese also contains a lot of calcium, vitamin AD, vitamin B family and protein, and shortening has nothing but some bad fats.   3. Try not to buy a lot of cakes with added colors and flavors, especially for families with children. The color of the inside and outside of the cake should be as close to the original color as possible, except for a small amount of embellishment, and use strong colors at least. The taste is mild and natural, and the smell of flushing the nose usually means adding a lot of cheap flavors.   4. Don't pursue the so-called 'healthy' effect of cake and fruit. Most of the fruits in the fruit cake are canned fruits, which have no nutritional effect. A few kiwi slices, strawberries, etc. are not fresh enough, and the quantity is very small, just for decoration, it is better to buy fresh fruit directly to eat.   5. No need to buy cakes with white or dark chocolate chips. Most of the chocolates used in cake shops are cocoa butter substitutes, which contain trans fats, but almost no cocoa polyphenols in them, and their health value is negative.   Eat less cakes, eat good cakes-it seems that for most food, this is our wisest choice.
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