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Caring for mothers with breastfeeding Anduo helps build a nursing room

by:Newsoon     2021-07-30
Recently, AnDuo staff went to a company to participate in the assistance of breastfeeding mothers in the nursing room. The assistance includes providing breast milk storage equipment, breastfeeding posture teaching posters, breastfeeding room door number, 'Hello Baby' breastfeeding guide, bra cup measurement card, or providing free breastfeeding consultation according to the number of breastfeeding mothers in the company.   The fast-paced life and work pressure in the urban workplace have not diminished the maternal love of working mothers. With the popularization of breastfeeding knowledge, more and more mothers choose to balance their careers and love for their babies by 'carrying milk'. What is gratifying is that more and more units and all walks of life are paying more attention to mothers with back milk. Many companies have established special breastfeeding rooms for breastfeeding mothers to pump their milk. Anduo, as an enterprise dedicated to the production and research and development of breastfeeding auxiliary products, also shoulders its own social responsibilities, and takes practical actions to participate in the care and support for mothers who are breastfeeding. Anduo firmly believes that scientific guidance and education combined with the rational use of breastfeeding supplementary products will definitely help more breastfeeding mothers overcome difficulties and persist in breastfeeding to the end!    Learn more about breastfeeding knowledge and breastfeeding supplementary products information You can visit the official website of Ardo China, or follow the official Weibo of Ardo China Sina.
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