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Chengdu's large group purchase of maternal and child products is grandly launched

by:Newsoon     2021-08-01
Chengdu QuanSearch News.com Maternal and Child Channel and Leyou Pregnancy and Infant Children’s Season 6 'Smart Moms Are Crazy'—Super Group Buying of Maternal and Infant Products is Coming! Atrium of Festival Walk B1 and atrium on the first floor of Phase II of Jinniu CapitaLand. So that everyone can purchase nearby.   The event time is from November 9th to 10th. There are five highlights of the event. 1. The most complete products. 2. Sign in with courtesy. 3. Place an order for a lottery. Fourth, it is polite to swipe the card. 5. Play games on site. There are not only these activities, but there are also experts on the spot to answer questions. This is a parent-child activity not to be missed. It is definitely a great value to come to the scene***. 'Only choose the right one, don't choose the expensive one'!! If you missed the last few shopping feasts, it's okay! Dear! Grab this opportunity and go crazy!
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