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China CDC releases 'Guidelines for China's Infant Sleep Health'

by:Newsoon     2021-07-30
'China's Infant and Toddler Sleep Health Guidelines' is released    Recently, the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Maternal and Child Health Center released the 'China's Infant and Young Children Sleep Health Guidelines.'   The guidelines point out that the total prevalence of sleep disorders in infants and young children in my country exceeds 20%, and one in every five babies has sleep disorders. The guide also stated that parents’ scientific parenting behaviors can effectively improve the baby’s sleep efficiency, such as not coaxing to fall asleep, breastfeeding one hour before going to bed, wearing dry diapers to fall asleep, letting the baby sleep alone, and placing the baby in a cot when he is sleepy Etc., these behaviors can prolong your baby’s sleep for up to 37 minutes per night, which is conducive to a significant increase in your baby’s weight level, height level and intelligence index.
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