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Choose professional yoga clothing suits to practice yoga

by:Newsoon     2021-06-08

Yoga is a kind of well-being exercise. It can not only purify the mind but also achieve the purpose of stretching the limbs to relieve stress. In fact, yoga is not a 'special exercise' for women. In fact, men also have their own yoga, and this kind of exercise can not only improve the body shape but also basically improve the state of sub-health and improve sports performance. Glow with the charm of a man outside.

However, when the market is full of various women’s yoga suits, we rarely see a yoga suit specifically for men. And what do men wear when they 'yoga'? From exaggerated obstacle limb stretch basketball shorts to sports tight shorts that basically can't stretch the legs, we have all seen it frequently.

Why not? According to analysis, the basic reason is that even if there are men’s yoga suits, few men actively purchase them. Basically speaking, men don’t seem to realize that they need to wear yoga suits when doing yoga.

Of course, although the lack of internal causes is an active element, we can't deny that there are indeed many people who want to find and don't know where to find them.

A practitioner, a yoga instructor, informed us that he had seen men come to yoga classes in all kinds of clothes. He said: 'Once you go to two or three classes and understand what others wear, you will know what you should wear!' However, he also pointed out that there is indeed such a special design for men. The existence of 'yoga clothes'. However, most people still like to wear cotton shorts.

After recognizing this problem, we found that in the usual market, some brands have begun to launch some 'similar yoga suits' for men's sportswear. On some levels, it's just sportswear that can replace yoga suits. Yoga clothes in the true sense are still not present.

If you want to buy a professional yoga clothing suit, then you have to be careful: some suitable clothing for yoga exercises may not be suitable for other types of yoga. Moreover, usually, the colors of yoga suits are quite 'terrible': rust, maroon, olive. Even those who use clothing in barefoot yoga classes are slightly better, but they are still not as beautiful as cotton and nylon blended fabrics.

Recommended by an expert, the following combination is a good way for you to choose a yoga suit:

Rugby leggings: Not only provide a comfortable space for exercise, but its thick cotton texture also ensures that it will not slip off or become deformed when you are standing on your hand.

Athletics shorts/football shorts: suitable for sports and strong sweat absorption effect.

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