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Choose yoga clothes as far as possible according to the principle of short-sleeved trousers

by:Newsoon     2021-06-26

Just choose the simple and generous version of the yoga suit. In the past, many businesses would add a lot of fancy things to the design of yoga suits in order to gain purchase and attention, so that the clothes will look more beautiful!

But I suggest that you really don’t choose this one, because when practicing yoga, I hope that I will stop in a relaxed environment, without too many elements of foreign objects to influence, in case your clothes squeeze your waist or where Then you must be in an uncomfortable state when doing asanas. You will know this after you have really tried it.

The choice of yoga clothes should be based on the freedom to stretch the limbs and the whole body does not feel restrained.

Because we go from warming up to asanas, this also takes a little time. So suppose we wear short sleeves or vests, then there may be some gay people who can easily catch a cold. So short-sleeved trousers, will not only meet your heat dissipation needs but will not pose a burden on your body. Really don't be greedy for the cold for a while, and do something harmful to the body!

As for the color of the yoga suit, I don't think there are too many hard demands. This is really based on my hobbies.

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