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Community becomes the key word of strategic layout, idleness is not a problem

by:Newsoon     2021-07-30
Recently, 'Linkshop' discovered that Beibei.com has added an 'idle' service to its 80 million mother users to solve the problem of idle second-hand resale and become a mother and baby platform that provides second-hand trading services. When contacted not long ago, Zhang Lianglun, founder and CEO of Beibei.com, once said that Beibei.com is building a matrix ecology for the mother and child community. 'Idle' business may serve as a downstream supplement to the e-commerce business and become an important part of Beibei.com's ecology. One ring.    'LianShang.com' learned that from e-commerce for mothers and babies to parenting and social interaction, to life in the same city and early education and health, digging into the needs of mothers has been one of the important principles of Beibei.com's business layout. It is the main function of the 'idle' business to solve the processing of idle objects after mothers buy and buy.   Open the 'Idle' entrance of the Beibei.com APP, and you can find that its function is similar to 'Xianyu'. Mothers can publish various products for transfer, and they can also search for and nearby to find other mothers to change hands. But different from the massive and complicated second-hand information of 'Idle FishLet mother users find their home base for idle trading.   At present, children’s clothing, toys, and parenting supplies are the main idle items for mothers. The relevant person in charge of Beibei.com said that compared with other categories, mothers and infants have greater idle demand. 'The use time of baby products is relatively short. On the one hand, most of the idle products are actually still 70% to 80% new, but because of the baby It is a waste for the family to grow up and become unnecessary; on the other hand, through the means of idle secondary distribution, these supplies can be reused to a greater extent, and the products can also be used for greater use. Value, while reducing the cost of raising a baby for another group of families, can be described as ***.” 'Lianshang.com' learned that since this year, community is one of the key words of Beibei.com’s strategic layout. Zhang Lianglun once predicted that community power will be the driving force for the top position in the entire maternal and child industry in the next 10 years, and e-commerce and brand vendors without community thinking will be eliminated in the future. Therefore, the driving force of the community is also indispensable for the 'idle' business. According to the person in charge of Beibei.com, in addition to the release of product information, 'Idle' also has access to the community function. Users can share their release pages through the community, and use the power of people to realize the continuous flow of products among users. Spread, and finally realize idle fast transactions. 'Through incentive sharing, we hope to use the power of people to bring the value of the driving force of the community into play, and ultimately stir up the mother and baby second-hand market.' The person in charge said.   According to reports, in the future, Beibei.com’s “idle” business may have the attributes of being less community and less social, and it may even be associated with Beibei’s other ace parenting app-Yuerbao.   Zhang Lianglun told Linkshop that mothers and babies are an all-encompassing industry, in addition to shopping, life services, and parenting, there are also early education, health and other fields. And these businesses, if they are reconstructed with the thinking of the community, they can all be established and reformed as a community at a very low cost. He takes this as the main direction of Beibei.com in the future, and builds a matrix ecology around the mother-infant community. Relevant data shows that Yuerbao ranks second in the industry for one year, and it has entered the Chinese market with Beibei. The active penetration rate of maternal and child APP is TOP10. Other businesses such as city life, early education and health, and idle second-hand have also been launched. The business completes the establishment of users through the fission of newcomers, and realizes the self-structure of content and users under the drive of the community. A maternal and child matrix ecology with an obvious Beibei network label is being established. Source: Linkshop
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