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Daddy baby diapers intimate care

by:Newsoon     2021-08-05
Recently, in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province, China, an international maternity and baby products exhibition was held. With its fresh, simple, and practical advantages, Daddybaby has made many distributors and distributors present to understand Daddybaby's products.   We know that with the advent of winter, how to make babies survive the cold winter comfortably has become the most concerned issue of many babies’ parents. All mothers who have brought children should know that changing their children's diapers is very difficult. And if it is not handled well, diapers will be changed several times a night, which makes it easier for the baby to catch cold. Therefore, it can be seen that it is necessary to choose a good diaper. So how to choose a good diaper. For a good diaper, in addition to maintaining elasticity and softness, it must also reduce the contact surface with the baby's butt so that it can penetrate quickly and achieve the purpose of dryness. At the same time, a good diaper It also has the effect of firmly locking in moisture. In this exhibition, the latest ring waist series of diapers and BB pants series displayed by Daddy Baby, through the use of ring waist wide and flexible elastic embracing technology, naturally fit the baby's waist curve, effectively protect the baby's waist; and full of elastic three-dimensional The surface layer of the uneven non-woven fabric allows it to penetrate quickly and is dry and comfortable; the base film is made of ultra-smooth non-woven fabric, which enhances the softness of the product. The Daddy Baby BB pants series uses a 360-degree pull-up panty waist design, ultra-thin design, comfortable and dry, and also intimately designed color-changing diaper display.
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