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Dangdang launches 'Golden Autumn Mother and Baby Happy Shopping' campaign

by:Newsoon     2021-08-01
Nowadays, the pressure of raising children is very high. In order to reduce the burden of raising parents, Dangdang launched the 'Golden Autumn Happy Shopping for Mothers and Infants' campaign. Major brands of mothers and infants have substantial discounts, so that 'children' are no longer difficult to raise.  On the event page of Dangdang.com, we can see that the products participating in the event involve multiple categories such as milk powder, milk bottles, diapers, etc. The baby has everything to eat, use, and play, and all products have great discounts. The survey shows that maternal and child products are one of the most profitable industries. Because the same brand pursues different gross margins in different channels, prices are uneven. Different channels for purchasing maternal and child products will naturally lead to cost differences. Especially in the era of market-oriented products, many mothers buy online channels to buy maternal and child products, not only because of its speed and convenience, but also because of the low price increase rate and price concessions are also important purchase factors.
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