NEWSOON provides high-quality and safe mother and baby products

Does Newsoon Garment has product showroom?
Product samples can be found in Beijing Newsoon Garment co., LTD. We're the "showroom" for good quality cotton romper baby . You're welcomed to visit us to have a general look at each of marketable products. You might be supplied with product samples. Each year we exhibit the items at several displays at home and overseas. Take the opportunity!

The Newsoon brand is primarily focused on the production of cotton baby clothes. Newsoon Garment has created a number of successful series, and personalised baby stuff is one of them. Newsoon cotton baby clothes is produced in line with LED lighting production standards. These standards are up to both domestic and international standards such as GB and IEC, ensuring its high luminous efficiency. Made of non-toxic chemical materials, it is suitable for babies. The design of this product is simple, intuitive and distinctive enough to help itself stand out among competing items on a shelf. Made of non-toxic chemical materials, it is suitable for babies.

Beijing Newsoon Garment will passionately pursue high performance targets. Check it!
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