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Does Newsoon Garment provide EXW for cotton fabric for baby ?
Please be aware of these differences between every pricing and contact Beijing Newsoon Garment co., LTD to ensure that which type of pricing will be demanded. If the cotton fabric for baby is priced in the EXW level, we're just responsible for packaging the item and making it available at designated places like warehouses. In the event the dispatch is by air, EXW pricing might be a lot superior compared to other pricing.

Beijing Newsoon Garment performs manufacturing under the client's OEM brand and our own brand. Newsoon Garment has created a number of successful series, and flamingo swimming ring is one of them. The product is completely environment-friendly, for it does not contain any toxic material or chemical. Other traditional bulbs usually carry things like mercury, which is hazardous for the environment. The product does not cause irritation to babies' skins. This product could be a wardrobe essential and is looked at as a fashion symbol. It is sure to take the market by storm. The product is made of material of good breathability.

Beijing Newsoon Garment will redouble our efforts in developing a long-lasting business foundation. Get more info!
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