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Don’t wear adult children’s clothing for your baby

by:Newsoon     2021-08-05
It is not difficult to find that nowadays, more and more children's clothes are becoming adult-oriented, becoming mini-versions of adult clothes. Fashion elements such as rivets, furs, rhinestones, and sequins are used in children's clothing, and the clothes have become fashionable, but these fashion elements may hide 'dark thunder.'   In fact, through Internet searches, the tragedy of this child in Dongguan is not an isolated case. There have been cases in Guangxi and other places where children were strangled and dragged to death by ropes on their clothes. Children’s clothing tends to be adult, but it’s not good. It is understood that the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standardization Committee have conducted investigations and statistics on children’s clothing safety issues and found that children’s safety accidents caused by drawstrings and decorative ropes on children’s clothing There are two main types: one is 2 to 8 years old, who is strangled by a hat or a rope on a collar when playing on a slide in a playground; the other is 7 to 14 years old, and children are on mobile vehicles. The drawstrings at the hem of jackets and sweatshirts were caught by car doors and bicycles, causing serious injuries and even death.   Then, when choosing children's clothing, what should parents pay attention to? Xia Wenfen, director of the Department of Pediatrics of Chouzhou Hospital in our city, believes that it is loose, comfortable and mainly made of cotton. In fact, fashionable children's clothing is often suitable for children with a strong sense of self-protection. For this reason, Director Xia put forward some suggestions for various situations.  Try not to let children wear fur collared clothing  Citizen Ms. Wu feels that it is very happy to dress up her daughter beautifully and stylishly, so she often chooses clothing with fashionable elements when buying clothes for her children. Not long ago, Ms. Wu specially bought a headband full of rivets and a furry fur coat for her children. 'Parents *** don't let their children wear fur collar clothing or furry hats.' Director Xia said, in previous cases, they have found that many children are actually allergic to fur collars, and the small hairs are inhaled by the children. Inside the body, which leads to frequent coughing. The results of the examination showed that fur collar was the culprit for many children's coughs.  Choose clothing with few buttons  Facing a clothing with many buttons or rivets, rhinestones, and sequins, even if it looks good, the doctor will advise parents not to buy it. Because buttons, rivets and other decorative objects are likely to be swallowed by children and cause suffocation. Director Xia has also encountered small patients who accidentally ate clothes buttons or were injured by sharp decorations on their clothes.   When buying clothes for children under 14 years old, safety should be the top priority. First of all, you should choose clothes with fine workmanship to ensure that buttons and straps are not easy to fall off, so as to avoid accidental injuries caused by accidental ingestion of children.   'Children are very active. If there are too many small objects such as buttons on the clothes, they will easily take them off and play with them, or even put them in the mouth.' Director Xia said, in fact, letting children wear simple clothes is the best choice. Adults should pay attention when judging whether the clothes worn by the child is comfortable. If it is a top, the size and size should fit; if it is a bottom, after the child wears it, stretch out and pull the child’s pants or skirt, and there is still activity The words of space indicate that it is of moderate size.  Shoes must fit and breathe.   Children won’t get athlete's foot. This is not necessarily true. The reporter learned that some children wear leather boots and Martin boots because they are not breathable. At night, their feet not only become smelly, but sometimes they develop blisters. “Among the children who were sent to the hospital for beriberi, some were only two or three years old.” Director Xia said, because children are active and run frequently, their feet are most prone to sweat, so children’s shoes that fit and breathe are suitable for children. Feet.  The safety of buying children's clothing should be the first one.  The reporter also learned that the shiny little sequins on clothes also pose a big safety hazard. According to the regulations of the European Union and other places, these accessories must be able to withstand a pulling force of 70 Newtons, that is to say, an adult cannot pull it off. However, there are many small sequins and other accessories of children's clothing on the market. The child will pull it off as soon as it is picked.   It should also be noted that there should not be too many ropes on the children’s clothes and pants, like the kind of clothes with long belts and pompoms, which may seem cute, but in fact it is quite dangerous. Because ropes and belt accessories can easily cause children to be caught or caught in vehicles, doors, etc., causing accidents. The European Union and other places have also stipulated that children under the age of 7 must not have any cords on the hats and necks of children’s clothing; children’s clothing over the age of 7 also have strict regulations on the length of such cords, even the waist, feet and other parts of the rope. There are also strict regulations.   In addition, since August 1 this year, my country has officially implemented the new mandatory national standard for textile products 'National Basic Safety Technical Specifications for Textile ProductsIn the new national standard, the age range of infant and toddler clothing has been expanded from 2 to 3 years old. The new national standard divides children’s clothing into three levels: A, B, and C, and has strict requirements on related indicators such as formaldehyde content, PH value, and peculiar smell. The definition of. However, during the interview, the reporter found that many businesses did not understand this regulation.
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