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Du Fenglin teaches at the 10th anniversary of this life baby

by:Newsoon     2021-08-05
Core summary: On November 14th, the 10th Anniversary of This Life Baby and the 2014 Spring/Summer Strategic New Product Launch Conference was opened at Yihe Villa, Guangzhou. The baby industry *** analyst Du Fenglin was invited to give a lecture 'Under the New Situation, the Baby Industry Transformation The Way to Upgrade. 'The channel will win the worldInvited to give a lecture on 'The Way to Transform and Upgrade the Baby and Child Industry under the New Situation'. More than 1,000 representatives of purchasers and entrepreneurs participated in the interactive lectures to seize the commanding heights of the industry. Mr. Du opened with the sales data of e-commerce on Double Eleven that just ended, revealing the earth-shaking changes that are taking place in China’s baby and child retail industry in 2013. The baptism of concepts and market changes have surpassed people’s consumption habits and challenged. The thinking and expectations of baby and child retailers. Teacher Du believes that the retail industry has entered the omni-channel era. It will be a new marketing strategy. Under the new situation, baby and child companies must be able to interact with customers through a variety of channels to meet customers' needs for all-weather, personalized shopping, entertainment and social comprehensive experience. These types of channels include tangible stores and intangible stores, as well as information media, and so on. For example: websites, physical stores, service terminals, direct mail and catalogs, call centers, social media, mobile devices, door-to-door services. Facing the current complex market environment with development prospects, as well as the overwhelming impact of new technologies and concepts, how traditional baby and child companies formulate an omni-channel strategy to successfully land and effectively create updated consumer value. Teacher Du believes that baby and child marketing has been comprehensive Enter the 3.0 era. Two keywords in this era: one is experience and the other is sharing. The post-85s and post-90s mainstream consumers faced by infant and child companies will be a group of consumer groups that are all-weather and omni-channel ubiquitous, pursuing individuality and experience. How to serve and meet consumers' constantly personalized and innovative needs is precisely the core issue of the future transformation and major changes of baby and child companies. The changes will change people's lifestyles and ultimately create happy consumer value. It is the general trend to use micro-marketing to practice and omni-channel layout. Ms. Du explained the opportunities and challenges faced by the infant and child industry with detailed data and cases. He also used companies that participated in and served as examples to analyze the success model of the company and the way to break through.
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