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Education Fair 'Golden Autumn Baby Carnival' was successfully held

by:Newsoon     2021-08-01
On October 27th, the Education Fair and Leyou jointly held the 2013 'Golden Autumn Baby Carnival' at the Shanghai Film Plaza.  October, the autumn is bright and refreshing. In addition to the large-scale parent-child activities provided by the Education Fair and Leyou, it also builds a most cost-effective educational curriculum consulting service platform for parents.   On that day, the golden sunshine, soft lawn, and colorful games attracted many moms and babies to participate in the activities and enjoy them. ***The rich lottery session pushed the atmosphere of the scene to one climax after another. Moms and Dads can also redeem tickets for the film museum or 4D movie tickets for children's dramas by virtue of the 'event participation coupon'.  In the future, the Expo will hold this kind of public welfare activities from time to time, so that the babies and children will be promoted to a healthier and happier future through a variety of activities.
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