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Effect on Kids Development From Educational Toys

by:Newsoon     2020-07-18
Toys use the important role of children development. As parents, when you purchase the best and suitable toys for kids, they are unable to only get lots of pleasure from the playing process, but also, above all, make the intelligence be developed. Nowadays, more and much more parents can easily buy educational toys as they play good effect on children's intelligence development and imagination.
However, according to the analysis from psychological experts, it isn't good to completely rely on educational toys to develop children brains. To the contrary, only using this way, cannot fully develop their intelligence, but even make some damage through the intelligence development. To some extent, educational toys really play important role of children development, if playing educational toys for a time, children would be addicted to such toys, which finally lead to bad consequences. For example, some children would suffer from computer autism because these kinds of excessively much akin to computer at the same time addicted to computer games. They often confuse the true world as well as the virtual things in on-line games and gradually show no interests in the things or events around them. Therefore, as parents, when choosing educational toys for kids, you must your kids' receptiveness and character personality.
According into the newest research, in the first three regarding people's life, children's brain development in order to stimulated by the external world. For example, you should make children learn some music, dance, literature, languages, athletics and the like. Some educational toys for specific function development can't provide comprehensive stimulation for children. Therefore it is not right place the whole wish on educational toys to develop intelligence.
As parents, you should know that the practice of reading books should be formed before three years old. However, the emergence and popularity of all of new electronic media make unprecedented resistance for the good reading habits shape.
One survey carried out by Kaiser Family Foundation in the united states showed that nowadays children in the U.S always spent nearly two hours on watching TV, playing electronic games or on-line computer games while just spent only 39 minutes on reading books. As per the statistics, 65 percent of children watched TV every day and 48 percent of kids had their computers. For kids under two years time old, 43 percent professionals would view tv every time. As a result, few children have formed the good habit of reading. For the survey, parents should watch out about the electronic media during children development digest.
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