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Focus on new urban concepts, so why not be a hot mom?

by:Newsoon     2021-07-31
In recent days, with the popularity of the TV series Hot Mom, being a hot mom as an emerging urban life concept has become the focus of heated discussions in the streets and alleys. The word 'hot mom' originated from the Internet, and it meant an urban mom with a good figure and a fashionable dress. Because La Ma’s life philosophy is very different from the traditional Chinese way of motherhood, it has been given a rebellious meaning.  The heroine Xia Bing in the play is a typical representative of modern urban women, with novel concepts, fashionable dresses, high-quality pursuits, and a carefree and happy family. But once she got pregnant by accident, her life was completely turned upside down. Under the ups and downs of the environment, Xia Bing, played by Sun Li, overcame various difficulties and experienced difficulties such as making things difficult for her boss, discord between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, husband's business loss, and mother-in-law's illness. The hot mom who cares for others and is self-reliant and self-reliant, this is a hard and hard process, which has also moved many audiences.   Similarly, Li Muzi, played by Wu Junmei, is also a typical example of a successful transformation of a hot mom. From an elderly professional woman who was eager to get pregnant and couldn’t afford to have a child, she had to walk very hard on the road to have a child, and finally got good results, gave birth to a son, and faced problems such as husband cheating and mother-in-law’s different educational concepts. In the balance, becoming a hot mom who still has a good job and can take care of the family has won the love of many audiences.   Then, how to be a hot mom is first to use your heart, love yourself with your heart, love your family with your heart, and love your work with your heart. A woman wants to be a qualified daughter and daughter-in-law, a qualified wife, and an excellent mother. These multiple identities are destined to be a tedious, complicated and difficult task to take into account many aspects. To be able to do it, one must be hardworking, patient and persevering. Row. Just like June Xian, which everyone in the play loves to eat, promotes brewing every bottle of soy sauce like nurturing life, we must do everything with heart and play every role like nurturing life. It must not be false or lazy. June fresh soy sauce needs to be brewed carefully from soybeans for six months. It is pure natural and no additives. To be a hot mom, it also takes a long period of time to adapt to the environment and change. Overcome many difficulties...   Why not be a hot mom? This is not a slogan, but a real thing that needs to be done with heart.
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