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For 2 - 5 years old children's educational toys

by:Newsoon     2021-01-22

- at the age of 2 5 years of age is inevitable stage in the development of preschool children, children at this stage is generally accept education in kindergarten, children in addition to contact the collective life in the kindergarten, also can learn knowledge from outside the family, help children healthy and happy childhood time.

pre-school education is in daily life in every moment, is a kind of child personality, thinking process, any things or events can affect children, toy naturally became a guide the child grow the important items.

there are more and more children's educational toys gradually emerging in the market, the children can play in the process of development in intelligence. According to French child development experts study found that people often play educational toys, than those who do not play around 11 points above the average IQ, high openness brain thinking ability; American medical experts also found that 50 years before people started to play the adult educational toys for alzheimer's disease incidence is only 32% of the general population, and the one who grew up playing educational toys incidence is less than 1% of incidence in the general population.

in addition to the development of intelligence, educational toys and many functions. Through the bright bright colors design, for example, stimulate children's visual; Buttons can be all kinds of sound through the 'electronic toys' and so on, can stimulate the child's hearing; Scrolling color ball can cultivate their sense of touch. Different educational toys, therefore, is an effective tool for auxiliary children cognitive world, help them to cooperate with the reaction of the various senses, to contact and explore new things. Educational toys also have the function of the coordination of the body, such as the child will be a box of lego bricks out of graphics, in addition to the brain, must have the hand to cooperate, so through the play educational toys, training and gradually establish a child's hands and feet coordination, hand-eye coordination and other body functions; Have the function of the social practice activities, the child was playing with their peers or parents in the process of educational toys, unconsciously in the development of their social relationships, even if they are prone to quarrel or difficult in cooperation or competition, in fact they are developing psychological spirit of cooperation and learn to share, to lay the foundation for the future into society. At the same time, language ability, emotional release, beginning ability must be improved.

educational toys are usually divided into 10 categories:

1. Jigsaw puzzle

the first category: jigsaw classes: pay attention to children's cognitive, analysis, imagination.

2。 Game toy

the second category: the game class: the most intuitive is to improve children's cognitive ability, in addition, the development of their thinking, practice operating skills and hand-eye coordination ability.

3。 Digital conversion words toys

the third class: digital word class conversion: inspire children the accurate understanding of shape, number, quantity, and exercise the muscle flexibility.

4。 Tool toys

4 categories: utility class: let the children know, mainly the shape, color and structure of a variety of tools, in the process of training the children practical hands-on skills and hand-eye coordination, development of imagination.

5。 Educational combined toy

5 categories: educational combination types: cultivate a child's spatial ability and fine hands-on ability, thus deepening of time, animals, vehicles and rational understanding of the building shape, color, etc.

6. Lego toys

6 categories: building blocks: pay attention to training children's imagination and coordination.

7。 Traffic toys

7 categories: traffic toy categories: by improving the structure of the children on the train, bus, and various engineering vehicles of the cognition and understanding, on the basis of some training its ability to assembly, drag and finishing, to raise awareness and hands-on ability to care for life, and know the transform relationship between objects by assembling.

8。 Drag toys

the eighth class: drag classes: improve children's cognitive ability, according to the different tractors animals, let them know the different characteristics of various animals, exercise their ability to walk on a larger scale.
9。 Jigsaw puzzle

9 categories: jigsaw puzzle: consists of all kinds of shapes, rich in content of makeup, the children of the combination of graphics, split, combination has cognitive, on the basis of certain exercise the ability of independent thinking, and cultivate their patience and perseverance of the spirit.

10. Cartoon dolls toys

10 categories: cartoon dolls classes: parents busy, need some type of toys, children's entertainment company and lovely cartoon dolls are widely popular children.
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