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For your baby’s health, mothers must not do this

by:Newsoon     2021-08-05
Baby is the little treasure of mom and dad. Every parent hopes that their baby is healthy, smart and cute, and they are also very careful in the parenting process. But sometimes some parenting behaviors of mothers will affect the baby's growth and development. 1. Fix the sleeping position of the newborn baby 'I heard that the baby lying on his back will cause a flat head, and sleeping prone is easy to cause suffocation. So every time the baby falls asleep in my arms, I gently put the baby down and put the baby on his side. This way the baby is safe.' The correct approach: The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends: Sleep in the supine position before one year old. In order to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, whether a full-term baby or a premature baby, the baby should sleep every time Adopting a supine position until one year old, while sleeping on the side is not safe and is not recommended. 2. Wake up the sleeping baby to pee 'I am afraid that the baby wets the bed, so I pick up the baby to pee every few hours. Sometimes the baby cries loudly after being woken up by me. There is no way, I don't want his little fart. The fart is wrapped in a wet diaper, so it’s not good to have a red butt.' Correct way: Baby’s sleep is very important. If you sacrifice your baby’s precious sleep just to keep his little butt from getting dirty, it’s not worth the gain. Use high-quality diapers to protect your baby's butt. If your baby is uncomfortable with wet, he will cry to remind you to replace it in time. When the baby after two or three years of age urinates at night, some already know that it is called, and some will wake up naturally when there is a urge to urinate. There is no need to wake the baby. 3. Turn on the light to sleep 'I like to leave a light in the bedroom, which is convenient for taking care of the baby, and on the other hand, it makes the baby feel safe.' Correct way: Turn off the light and sleep. The light on the bedside not only affects the baby's sleep quality, but also affects vision development. Any artificial light source will produce a kind of weak light pressure on the human body. This kind of light pressure will exist for a long time, which will make infants and young children anxious, nervous, and difficult to sleep. Sleeping under the light for a long time will also affect the reticulated activation system of the eyes, resulting in shortened sleep time, shallower sleep depth, and easy awakening. The incidence of myopia is 4 times higher for babies sleeping in the light than babies sleeping in the dark. 4. Wear too much clothes to sleep 'I'm afraid that the baby will catch a cold while sleeping, so I wear a thin sweater for the baby to sleep so that he won't be afraid of freezing his belly.' Correct way: Don't wear too hot to sleep. The high humidity of the quilt and the strong metabolism of the baby can easily induce the 'sultry syndrome5. Milk powder brewed too thick 'I always feel that the milk made according to the instructions is too weak, so I will add some milk powder by myself, so that the baby can eat full and gain weight.' Correct approach: Milk powder should not be too thick or too light. The higher the concentration of milk, the more sodium it contains, which is likely to increase the concentration of blood sodium in the baby, causing symptoms such as constipation and increased blood pressure. 6. Adding supplementary food too early 'My baby will start drinking juice after the full moon, so that she can add water and vitamins.' Correct way: wait until 6 months before adding supplementary food. Breast milk is the most natural nutrition and beverage for babies, and it can provide all the nutrients the baby needs, including water and most vitamins. Therefore, it is not necessary to add water and other beverages to babies who are exclusively breastfed within 6 months. 7. Complementary food is overwhelming or is added too late. 'Complementary foodSome babies love solid foods very much, and parents are also happy to see that their children have a 'good appetite' for food, thus ignoring the necessary amount of milk. Comparing the same amount of complementary food with milk, the energy of complementary food is less than half of that of milk. The correct approach: After the child is 6 months old, he should add supplementary food in time, with food properties ranging from fine to coarse, and continue to introduce new varieties for the child. 8. Feeding mushy food with a milk bottle 'I found a good way to feed my baby. Put rice noodles, egg yolk paste and other complementary foods into the bottle, so that the baby can eat faster.' Correct way: use a small spoon to feed mushy food . Many parents are afraid of trouble feeding, or worry that their baby will eat too little, so they pour mushy food such as rice noodles into the bottle to feed the baby. This may increase the baby's food intake, cause overweight, and at the same time make the baby lose the opportunity to practice chewing. In fact, an important purpose for babies to eat mushy food is to let them learn the process of eating. The editor has also recommended ten complementary food spoons with good reviews abroad. If you need them, you can search for complementary food spoons to compare and choose.
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