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Mr. Li xiaoqiang, the founder of Beijing Newsoon Garment Co., LTD. Since his childhood, I am found of clothes and devoted myself to the clothing and apparel industry for more than 20 years.

 His higher education was studied in China Xibei Textile University for three years His higher education was completed in China Xibei Textile University for three years and one year at Hong Kong Polytechnic University for one year.


After graduation, I still started from a garment worker, engaged in garment cutting workers, packers, workshop administrators, garment company salesmen and so on. But he thinks the biggest gains were in 1999-2006, worked for seven years in H&M, an international textile giant. and also qualified for several positions in this company, such as Accessories merchandise、Lab  Leader、Senior QC and so on.

With extensive experience in textile production and sales, he decided to start his own business in 2006. He has overcome all kinds of difficulties and obstacles then made remarkable achievements step by step with his professionalism, dedication, sincerity and trustworthiness, as well as his win-win and inclusive mind.


Now, he has a number of his own companies, investment factories and cooperative factories, and even throughout China, total up to 20 factories. At present, his focus of work is to lead his team to focus on the research, development, production and sales of baby products. Striving to let more children in the world have access to use the safe, environmentally friendly and comfortable textiles, clothing accessories and educational toys.


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We alwaysOur advantage is that we have a high degree of safety control for baby products and our company and factory are equipped with the testing equipment, so ensure that every products' safety.

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