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Hai'er Lane Baby Street includes 30 well-known brands

by:Newsoon     2021-07-31
Hangzhou’s Haier Alley Yingtong Street opened the day before, and more than 60 brands of production, sales, and service on the infant and child industry chain have officially entered this characteristic street. 30 international and domestic baby and child brands including Procter u0026 Gamble, Meso, Bright’s Peer Berry, Abbott, and Mead Johnson, as well as many well-known local baby and child product production and service companies in Zhejiang, have 'no one missed the net.' 'The current domestic family population composition model has gradually formed a 4+2+1 pattern. Children are particularly prominent as important members of the family. The upbringing of children for important family members is even more important. Products related to children's education and growth will be paid special attention. 'Baby Diary' is the operator of Yingtong Street in Haier Lane, Hangzhou, said Mr. Zhang Haidong, the relevant person in charge of the company. 'On the one hand, it is a huge market for merchants, and on the other hand, for consumers, with the continuous evolution of business models and changes in consumption habits, they have to shoulder the burden of traditional online picture display sales and offline stores. How to achieve a balance between these two changes brought about by the purchase method?' Mr. Zhang said that the operation of Infant Street in Hai'er Lane would help such a balanced attempt.   The reporter learned from the operator that the innovations and attempts of Infant Street mainly come from three aspects.  First, a large platform carrier. Haierxiang Yingtong Street first broke the ice in the operating system. This kind of ice-breaking is reflected in Yingtong Street’s government-led and enterprise-oriented mode of operation; secondly, policies are in place, such as rent and decoration subsidies, taxation, financial service support, etc.; thirdly, industry clusters, operating companies in line with The concept of high-quality, innovation and leading is widely recruiting baby and child brands, and speeding up the creation of professional attributes in the industrial block.  Second, the big function is reflected. In addition to external carriers such as scale and variety of products, its internal function will be one of the keys to the success of Infant Street. According to the operator’s plan, Haierxiang Yingtong Street will achieve the goal of creating a baby industry standard, an innovative product incubator, and a shopping gathering place for consumers in the short term. Both consumers and merchants will complete their sales goals through interactive forms such as brand experience, interaction, and transactions. To put it more popularly, every merchant and every customer can find the target of selling and buying here-merchants can sell, customers can buy in. ***The difference is that these sold and available products have been pre-screened and approved by the operator.   The last aspect is the big network update. The business model of Haierxiang Yingtong Street is an 'upgraded version' of Baby Diary's 'interactive transaction model'-based on the combination of e-commerce and traditional physical stores, online and offline resources are effectively integrated. Customers can choose to trade in person or place an order online after experiencing offline. In theory, zero cash transactions in physical stores can be realized.   Zhang Haidong said that Haierxiang Yingtong Street will continue to present various baby events and interactive carnivals to consumer groups and brand companies in Hangzhou and even the whole country in the future development.
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