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Happy And Healthy Baby Bath Times

by:Newsoon     2020-07-20
One of the very happy parenting moments has to be bath time - the splashing, the smiles and that lovely smell of freshly washed baby, what's not to like?
Baby bath time is a great opportunity to introduce your baby to new games and toys and one other important in relation to establishing water confidence and preparing for swimming.
If you can, sharing a bath with your baby is a lovely way to enjoy bath times collectively. When your baby is small, you can lay them for the chest and enjoy lots of skin to skin contact - this is great for bonding, and enables you to give your baby the unique gift of water encouragement.
Small babies love kicking in water too - are able to help with this by lying them on their back, either on your chest or individually in a shallow bath, and gently supporting their head, leaving their legs free to have a very good splash about! Since get older, in addition to lots of fun blowing bubbles and generally just enjoying being in the water, in a different environment.
There are several lovely toys you can buy for playing in the bath, but toddlers also enjoy just pouring water and watching it move about, so a variety of plastic cups and bowls are always fun. Encourage your son or daughter to pour water on themselves - or on you - to show water isn't almost anything to be scared of.
Finally, make sure getting out of your bath is as fun as entering! Babies and small children love massage, and fresh from the bath is the perfect time to give it a try. Make sure you keep your little one warm and snugly, and you will both be able to enjoy lots of relaxed cuddles when it's bedtime. Hopefully they'll even sleep well too!
To make sure you enjoy bathtime safely, bear at heart these top tips:
NEVER leave your baby unattended in the full size bath, or baby bath tub, always. Don't rely on an older sibling either to keep them safe.
Small babies only should have a few inches of bottled water. Support their neck and shoulders with one hand, leaving the other free for washing.
Don't put your baby in the tub while it really is running - the hot and cold levels can change, or water could become too deep.
Put the cold water in first, then the hot to cause it to warm, and not too incredibly hot. Check with your elbow, not your hand, as you hand can withstand higher temperatures.
Always talk to your baby keep in mind that bathing her even if she fairly new. Let her know what you are carrying out. Babies love regarding talked at.
Before you take her clothes off ensure that you have cotton wool, shampoo, any toiletries you are using, her flannel, towel, nappy, and clothes you are going to dress her . It is so much easier if you have everything to give before commence.
Use only very gentle baby toiletries on delicate young skin.
Baby bath seats are nice for older babies, but are not a safety product - don't leave babies unattended in the.
After the bath, minimise body heat loss by wrapping your baby in a large, baby apron paper towel. Happy splashing!
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