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'Health Curriculum' Summer Happy Exercise

by:Newsoon     1970-01-01
Recently, many children from all over the country have received a special gift, a gift that can make everyone spend their summer vacation happily. On July 22, the Centennial Life Health 'Star' Program 2013 Little Dolphin Club was officially launched. The first link of the activity-the free distribution of the 'Health Curriculum' was already available to Centennial Life Insurance's 15 provincial branches nationwide. Simultaneously expand.   'Health Curriculum' is specially customized by Centennial Life for children's summer happy sports. The content is divided into two parts: health curriculum and sports stickers. Among them, the sports stickers of the health curriculum include football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, skipping rope, badminton, tennis, bicycles, etc. Children who receive the curriculum can arrange their own 'training' schedule. After participating in sports every day, children can tear off the sports stickers of the day and paste them on the corresponding date in the curriculum to complete their summer health curriculum.   It is reported that the issuance of the 'Health Curriculum' is only the first part of the 2013 Centennial Life Health 'Star' program activities. After the children have been trained through the 'health curriculum' activity arrangement, they can be more prepared to participate in the 'Fun National Games' held by the organizer in the local area from August 31st to September 15th, not only for physical fitness in the summer At the same time, you can broaden your horizons and increase confidence by participating in large-scale activities.   The 2013 Little Dolphin Club of the Health 'Star' program organized by Centennial Life is one of the important activities of this year's customer service festival. It is intended to let children put down their computers and leave the TV during the summer vacation to participate in more meaningful physical exercises. 'We are distributing such a'curricular schedule' to express a kind of concern about the healthy growth of children. Many children now like to play on the computer, watch TV, stay in the house and do not get out, do not often participate in sports, for a long time. It is very bad for the healthy growth of children.' An organizer of Centennial Life Insurance introduced.   It is reported that the climax of the Centennial Life Health 'Star' program-the 'Fun National Games' will be launched at the same time as the National Games on August 31. By then, children can participate in the 'Fun National Games' from August 31 to September 15 and win the 'Health Star Little Champion' certification. During the event, Centennial Life will post event details in real time via Sina Weibo @百年人寿小传说协会. Any user will forward the top event blog post of @百年人寿小传说协会 on Weibo and follow Weibo Centennial Life Little Dolphin Association. , At the same time @百年人寿Little Dolphin Association and 3 friends will also have a chance to win exquisite event gifts. The deadline for the first draw on Weibo is August 11th. Kids and parents hurry up. Maybe the next lucky star will be you.  Insurance is personal insurance, and health is the key to life. Insurance can make life better and families more harmonious, and healthy physique requires everyone to continue to accumulate through their own exercise and hard work. If the youth is strong, China is strong. Take action, join the health 'star' plan, follow Centennial Life to set out for health, and share a happy life.
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