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Hot moms are 'making money': pregnant babies, China's next sunrise industry in the 21st century

by:Newsoon     2021-07-30
'In the clothing industry, fashion is the most important standard for testing competitiveness.' When October, Mommy combined fashion with maternity clothes and used TV drama implants to promote in the hit drama 'The Legend of Hot Mom' 'Fashionable hot moms are going to wear stylish maternity clothesWhen it became the proper pronoun when talking about “pregnancy” after 8090, Zhao Pu, the founder of October Mommy brand, had a bigger dream and plan: “We are at the top of the consumption chain and can establish pregnant women’s clubs through membership data. Yoga studios, etc., and can easily extend from pregnant women to infants and children. The new wave of baby births set off in the Year of the Dragon has once again attracted the attention of all parties in the huge cake of the maternity and infant products industry. According to the forecast of the National Bureau of Statistics, since From 2005 to 2020, China will usher in the fourth peak of population birth. The number of new babies every year is about 16 million. If calculated cumulatively, the number of infants and children aged 0-6 will reach more than 100 million. The fifth baby boom is expected It will appear around 2025. According to a data released by the Baby Industry Research Center, the total size of China’s 0-12 year old baby market has reached 1.15 trillion yuan in 2011, which is based on a high of about 15% in the baby market in recent years. The growth rate, by 2015, parents born in the 70s and 80s who are willing to spend money and pay attention to the quality of life will support a 2 trillion yuan market for pregnant, infants and children. The market potential is quite spectacular. More importantly, it is fierce. Market competition is allowing savvy businesses to consciously extract this part of the demand for differentiated services, and a vertical industry is forming.  Because the fertility culture in Europe and the United States is completely different from China, there are also huge differences in the culture and dressing habits that breed. It is difficult for foreign brands to gain an advantage in the domestic pregnancy clothing market, which has left a broader growth space for the development of local national brands. After ten years of silent cultivation, October Mommy is in this segment of the pregnancy and infant industry. —— Obtaining absolute advantage and leading position in the maternity wear industry. Today, October Mommy has a domestic market share of 20% with an annual sales of 1 billion yuan, which is 4-5 times behind the second place. At the same time, in order to achieve online and offline walking on two legs and adapt to the changes in retail formats in the new environment in the future, Mommy began to explore the traditional brand e-commerce journey for the first time in October. 'In 2011, I participated in Taobao Double On the 11th promotion, there were 60,000 orders in 40 hours, and sales exceeded 8 million. Today’s October Mommy has become synonymous with maternity wear on Tmall’s platform, and October Mommy’s flagship store has also become a leader in Tmall’s maternity and infant stores.    'In the clothing industry, fashion is a test of competitiveness*** standard. 'When Mommy in October combined fashion with maternity clothes and used a TV drama implantation method to promote 'fashionable hot moms will wear fashionable maternity clothes' in the hit drama 'The Story of Hot MomWhen the variety show queen S*** endorsed the hot mom culture of 'I am October Mommy, I am still mehao Pu, the founder of the Mummy brand, has a bigger dream and plan: 'We are at the top of the consumption chain. We can establish maternity clubs, yoga studios, etc. through membership data, and it is easy to extend from the pregnant women to the infants and children link. . Everything is a matter of course. October Mommy is just a platform that will eventually integrate online and offline methods to open up the pregnancy, infant and child industry. '
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