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How big market is the release of children's clothing with the single second child policy

by:Newsoon     2021-08-04
On November 15, the 'Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Several Major Issues of Comprehensively Deepening Reform' was released to the public, which mentioned 'adhere to the basic national policy of family planning and initiate the implementation of the policy that couples with only one child can have two children.'   The liberalization of the 'second child alone' policy will release much market space in the field of children's clothing. Although there are many optimists, risks still need to be paid attention to.   As a market leader, a person in charge of Semir apparel and children's clothing business said that the complete liberalization of the national second-child policy is the only way to go. The enterprise level should be optimistic, and the actual operation should be pragmatic. This person believes that there are two main considerations for the market opportunities brought about by the liberalization of 'single second child'.   One is the increase in the number of infants brought about by the policy. At present, an estimated number of 1 million people will be added each year. According to the effect of the liberalization of 'double single-children' in the past, the substantial growth of babies needs to be examined more carefully. 'For example, in the Shanghai area, after the release of the'double single and second child', only one of the ten eligible couples gave birth to a second child.'   Second is the consideration of purchasing power. If the coastal economically developed areas choose to abandon the second child due to many factors such as purchasing power, it remains to be seen whether the families that choose the second child in the vast inland areas will have enough purchasing power to purchase quality children's clothing. In China’s hugely populated third- and fourth-tier markets, as well as in urban and rural areas, due to economic and wearing safety considerations, parents choose to dress their second-born babies, and many will follow the older generation’s thinking and let second-born babies wear the same as first-born babies. 'Old' clothing. This may also cause a large loss of the theoretical market. At present, Semir Apparel is promoting the development of children's clothing business. In the 0-3 year old market, the company has higher market goals and more aggressive market operations. The brand and channel advantages established by the company are conducive to its full benefit from the children's clothing market. Expansion'. However, how much incremental market the policy can release remains to be seen.
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