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How is the swimsuit tested on the product?

by:Newsoon     2021-06-09

1.The top stop strong test

Flat pull strength is the fundamental strength indicator. It is used to test the ability of the zipper teeth of the work clothes to resist the lateral force in the interlocked state, which is very similar to the state of practical use.

2.Flat tension test

There are many ways to measure the strength of a swimsuit manufacturer's zipper, but the basic strength request can be tested in the following ways. From the results of these tests, the quality of the zipper for different purposes can be determined.

3.The pull head locking strength test

Swimwear manufacturers test the condition that the open-end pull-in cannula and socket resist external force damage. The upper and lower clamps fix the left and right sides of the open-end respectively. When the pull connection is closed, start the mind starter.

4.Open tail flat tension test

Pull the slider to the lower end, the teeth are divided into two parts, left and right, can pull the sprocket on the left and right sides, to measure the force required for the destruction of the bottom stop, and to measure the resistance of the internal components of the slider force.

5.The bottom stop strong test

The pull chain is interlocked with teeth, and the slider is pulled to the upper end, and the pull head is pulled. At this time, the strength of the upper stop of the work clothes zipper can be measured. This is to imitate the work clothes zipper in the holding state, the pull head The ability to withstand external forces when pulling off the upper stop or moving the upper stop from the ribs.

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