NEWSOON provides high-quality and safe mother and baby products

How many people in Newsoon Garment export department?
With the booming export business, Beijing Newsoon Garment co., LTD has attracted more talents to work in the export sector. These employees are very proficient in import and export business. With years of expertise, people have successfully built a complete sales system designed to help the entire industry save a lot of energy and time.

The Newsoon brand is know for providing satisfying cotton baby clothes. Newsoon Garment has created a number of successful series, and flamingo swimming ring is one of them. Newsoon [kid diving suit adopts the LED lens technology which improves the application performance of light and enhances light control and quality. This product does not have a pungent odor. This mattress can help one sleep soundly through the night, which tends to improve memory, sharpen the ability to focus, and keep the mood elevated as one tackle their day. This product has passed the domestic GB certification.

Beijing Newsoon Garment will passionately pursue high performance targets. Call!
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