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How to choose a children's swimsuit?

by:Newsoon     2021-06-20

In addition to the important element of fabrics, the following points need to be paid attention to Regarding children of different ages, the elements that need to be considered when choosing children's swimwear are also different:

Children from seven to adolescence: The gender awareness is obvious, boys should avoid buying too tight swimming trunks; girls’ children’s swimsuits should pay special attention to whether the crotch is too wide or too narrow because it is too wide and not warm, Too narrow and easy to wear. And it is better to add a half layer of inner lining to the chest to avoid showing the bust curve after entering the water.

Children: Since urgency is still uncontrollable, it is better to buy a split style that is easy to put on and take off. Choosing a bikini is a lot of conveniences. In addition to your beloved, it is easier to put on and take off.

Children before the age of seven: The development is quite fast, so, in addition to being warm and beautiful, you should also pay attention to whether they fit. If you are worried about children growing up fast, the two-part split pose will last longer than the one-piece pose. The little boy’s swimming trunks only need to be different in length. Little girls' swimsuits love to highlight their playful and beloved characteristics, so there are a lot of skirts.

It must fit well and have a reasonable color. Generally, when choosing children’s swimsuits for their children, most parents have the mentality of choosing the size one, but swimwear involves the function of sports after launching. The swimsuit of the size one is not only not fit and beautiful for children, but swimsuits are more likely to be due to water. The buoyancy is exceptionally loose.

Therefore, when shopping, I would rather choose a well-fitting children's swimsuit for your child. Even if the child grows slightly taller and fatter, it can still be close and warm due to the elasticity of the children's swimsuit. The color is mainly bright colors, so parents should pay attention to whether the child can engage in risky activities or enter the risk area.

Swimsuit fabric is the key. When purchasing a children's swimsuit, the fabric is an important element. The key to the quality of a children's swimsuit is the content of spandex in the fabric when choosing a children's swimsuit. The international uniform standard for the content of spandex yarn is an 18% spandex swimsuit. The advantages are bright color, close-fitting and warm, easy to wash, easy to dry, especially the resistance is very small, can speed up the travel speed in the water.

Good swimsuit fabric composition is generally 80% nylon, 20% spandex, or 78% nylon, 22% spandex. The elasticity must reach more than 100% of the tensile force. The water absorption is relatively small, and it should be dry within more than 10 minutes after coming up from the water. If you don't do it, clarify that the fabric is not good.

Professional swimsuits must have strong tensile force, and the fabrics must be resistant to sweat, seawater, and sunlight (ultraviolet rays). Inferior swimsuits with spandex content or less than 10% are easy to break when worn, and the quality cannot be guaranteed.

It is reported that there are as many as dozens of detection indicators for a swimsuit. For example, both formaldehyde and pH in swimwear have detection indicators. If the formaldehyde or pH is abnormal, the wearer may be allergic, and the center of the skin will become red and itchy, showing discomfort. In addition, swimwear also needs to test the indicators of resistance to chlorinated water, seawater, and washing. These indicators are mainly to test the durability of a swimsuit. The children's swimsuits produced by the right-track manufacturers have passed these tests, so you should buy swimsuits with complete markings when you buy them. 

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