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How to choose a good yoga outfit?

by:Newsoon     2021-06-25

Due to practicing yoga, the body feels a lot of sweating. If your yoga suit is very stuffy and airtight, the taste will be full of fun. It is recommended not to choose pure cotton and cotton linen. Because cotton and linen are breathable but not contractible, this is not very suitable for yoga!

It is recommended to choose 'spandex' fabric and Lycra. This kind of fabric generally has better breathability and faster moisture absorption. So when choosing a yoga suit, you can look at their fabric composition before doing it. select. It is generally not recommended that you choose loose yoga clothes when practicing yoga. Because loose clothes are really inconvenient, you only need to take a class to know that this feeling is so uncomfortable.

Although loose yoga clothes are no problem when you stop the horizontal and backbend asanas if you want to stand upside down and other anti-gravity asanas, what will happen if they are loose?

Moreover, yoga pants do not recommend choosing loose ones, choosing the one that is sculpting. It is easier to see the line, state, and direction of muscles because of professional yoga suits. The professional yoga pants are designed to separate the stretch of yoga itself. More and more to achieve the effect of exercise. Wearing too loose trousers, then you can't tell whether your knees are overextended and whether the muscles of the upper and lower legs are moving in order.

And this point is very unfavorable for you in practice. Then I will recommend you a few yoga pants, you can choose according to your needs! If you want to be able to wear it both daily and fitness, then I recommend the black foundation.

Because yoga pants can better express the body lines, and black can make the outline of this line more clear, and can cleverly help you look thinner visually, and even more slender legs. A pair of trousers has no T-shaped sewing, and the effective order prevents the embarrassing T-thread. And the second one is to cover the PP cellulite, help you cover the wide crotch, and make you look taller and slender. For those who want the small skirt version to be sweet and beloved, we can choose this fake two-piece culottes version.

They are all designed with a high waist and abdomen, which will not only enhance the level of beauty, but also let you put away your belly, and feel that it is not tight! And the fake two-piece design will not let you have the problem of running out, let you indulge in practice! 360-degree anti-exhaustion, safe and proper! And summer really needs a touch of color to refresh and decorate.

If you want to be beautiful or don't want to be embarrassed by the same style, you deserve to have this kind of high-value yoga suit. Does the blueprint bring a cool feeling to this summer?

Moreover, it also uses mesh stitching, which not only makes it sexier, but also has a looming hazy beauty, and it is more dry and breathable. And there are many highlights of the second paragraph! 3D hip design, with a peach hip filter! Magical slim waist, hide the meat first, then shake the meat! As long as you want to have this angry self-cultivation magic, then you must have it.

The trousers are decorated with lines, which can instantly have a full sporty feel. According to the changes and routing of the lines, it can modify the shape of the legs and make the legs slender. And the widening and heightening girdle design allows you to firmly lock the fat on your abdomen. More importantly, the trousers are made of black diamond fabrics, so that the trousers have a pearlescent effect, no matter how many times they are washed, they will not fade away. The trousers are also warm and decompressive, which can tightly fit and not stick to the body.

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