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How to choose a swimsuit that suits you?

by:Newsoon     2021-07-01

While many citizens are attracted by low-priced swimsuits, some citizens still turn their attention to safety and quality. 'I have also bought cheap swimsuits before, but generally, I can only wear them for one summer, and it still feels like wearing them on my body. It’s not so comfortable.” Some citizens reported that swimming, rafting, etc. are themselves pleasant things, and if unpleasant things happen due to the quality and safety of swimsuits, it’s not worth it. Therefore, instead of worrying about a problem with your swimsuit and unable to relax and play, it is better to spend more money to buy psychological stability.

'Good swimsuits and poor swimsuits are different in terms of quality and shape. If you just consider styles, there is no problem choosing the cheaper ones. However, the good and the bad ones are worn on the body. The feeling will be different.' A staff member of an underwear store in Qingyuan City told reporters that the swimsuits in their store also have high prices and low prices. A high-priced one is more than 300 yuan, and low-priced tens of yuan can be bought. However, high-priced swimsuits are more attractive both in terms of feel and vision.

According to our understanding, many swimsuits on the market do not even have trademarks, and citizens cannot understand the manufacturers, production standards, and ingredients contained in such swimsuits. Although some of them look fashionable and are no different from those sold in specialty stores, you will find that they are not as comfortable as those sold in specialty stores when you put them on. The same. After launching, the elasticity is also different.” The staff told reporters that generally high-quality swimsuits have thick fabrics, large elasticity, and are not easy to deform.

The staff of an underwear store suggested that when choosing swimsuits, citizens should try their best to choose a well-established and reputable shopping business. Don't be greedy to buy swimsuits that are too low and sold by roadside vendors. After purchasing swimsuits, keep the receipts and other shopping vouchers, so that you can effectively protect your rights in the event of quality problems. In the purchase of swimwear, the principle of 'comfortable and close to the body should be adopted.

Swimsuits need to be tighter than normal clothes. Because the swimsuit fabric is elastic, the gravity of the water will drag the swimsuit after it is launched into the water. If the swimsuit is not close enough to fit, it is easy to risk slipping off. Therefore, you should try on swimsuits when buying swimsuits and perform appropriate exercises to help you feel the wearing effect. Swimsuits that are too tight, loose, or oppressive are not suitable for purchase.

In addition, do not choose a style with more stitching. Swimsuits are sporty and practical clothing with strong stretching force. When the amount of exercise is large, it is easy to open the line from the splicing point. The elasticity of the swimsuit is not the bigger the better, but the better the rebound and recovery, and it can still return to the original shape after multiple stretches. High-quality swimsuit fabrics generally have tight tension.

Many citizens believe that children who develop swimsuits should be one size bigger. As everyone knows, children with a size one swimsuit not only don't fit the body, they may also look extraordinarily loose due to the buoyancy of the water. Therefore, suitable swimwear should be selected for children, and the principles of comfort and close-fitting should also be followed. The color is mainly bright so that parents can easily observe where the child is. In addition, when buying a swimsuit for your child, try to choose a split style that is easy to put on and take off.

Behind, pay attention to the cleaning of swimsuit OEM. After swimming or rafting, hand wash with water below 20 degrees Celsius and wring lightly after washing. Then, place it in a cool and dry place to dry, do not expose it to the sun.

As people's ideas change, everyone pays more and more attention to the styles of swimsuits. What was popular back then, which styles looked good and fashionable on their own. These have become issues of concern to ladies. The staff of the underwear store pointed out that the selection of swimsuits must be based on their body shape. Different body types, different ages, wear different patterns and styles.

The staff told reporters that the shoulders and chests are relatively wide and plump, the waist and hips and hips are larger, and women with slender waists can choose a swimsuit around the neck. Because such a swimsuit can not only highlight the plump upper circumference of a woman but also highlight the round buttocks, thus portraying a super sexy curve.

For a figure whose lower body is plumper than the upper body, you can try a swimsuit with a small skirt. If you are not confident enough about your bust or think that you are fatter, you can choose a swimsuit with a deep V chest, and try to choose a style with some small flashing and wrinkle designs on the chest.

Because it can create a plump effect very well. If you have plump buttocks, you can choose high-waisted two-piece boxer pants and petticoats, and don't choose too complicated patterns or too bright colors. If you happen to have a well-proportioned and petite figure, you can choose a small bikini, because the bikini has the effect of a slender figure. Ladies with skinny figures choose swimsuits with a more complex and luxurious feel.

Tall and thin women can choose bright color swimwear with many decorative details. Professionals also reminded that when buying swimsuits, try not to choose light colors such as white and yellow. Because the white swimsuit will show the body color in the water, especially the sensitive parts.

Before entering the water, be sure to check the firmness of the swimsuit buckle, sling, tether, and other details to prevent it from falling off in the water. In addition, when choosing a swimsuit style with sleeves and collars, consider whether it will leave unsightly sun marks, which will affect the effect of daily dressing.

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