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How to choose and wash yoga clothes?

by:Newsoon     2021-06-02

Choose a warm yoga suit to allow your body to move freely, prevent your body and breathing from being restricted, let your body and mind relax, feel good, and enter the yoga state more quickly. The soft and fit professional yoga suits undulate with the bending of body movements, and the elasticity is moderate, which more expresses your elegant temperament. Clothing is a manifestation of culture and an expression of style. It allows the inner quality of yoga to be expressed between movement and static.

Nowadays, the clothes suitable for sports are becoming more and more diverse. The textures, styles, styles, colors, and styles are different. Everyone can choose their favorite clothing according to their own hobbies. But yoga is a fitness method that integrates gentleness, stretching, and concentration.

How to choose yoga clothes?

1. Texture

Mainly products made of polyester, due to good breathability and sweat absorption, quick-drying, and very soft, it will not let your body feel constrained. The other material mainly increases the elasticity of the clothes.

New sports style: simple, generous, and neat. Do not have too much clothing), bands or knots on the clothes to avoid chrome the body and cause unnecessary damage. The limbs should be stretched freely, and the whole body should not feel restrained.

2. Style

The cuffs of the top should not be tightly tied. It is better to open naturally; the trousers should be elastic or tied. Because there are some backup movements in yoga, the tightness can prevent the trousers from sliding. Winter clothes are mainly trousers and long clothes. In summer, short pants can be worn with long pants.

3. Color

Try to choose fresh and elegant colors, which can relax your optic nerves.

4. Style

Highlighting individuality, being able, loose, and natural, and there is a sense of elegance and mystery when you wear it; there is also a modern style of fitness clothing, which is tight and elastic and can also set off a wonderful body when worn. Ordinary practice hot yoga More suitable. You can choose according to your hobbies.

5. Quantity

Generally, two or more sets of yoga clothes should be prepared so that we can change them in time, especially for hot yoga. But the point that needs to be mentioned is: Regarding the ancient yoga practice: thinking that we should keep wearing the same clothes instead of washing when practicing yoga, which will help yoga practice. Of course, this is very difficult for us modern people, so we don't recommend it, just understand it as a learning.

In short, when practicing yoga, let your body have no external constraints, stretch freely, and bring you peace and relaxation. Yoga clothes are a must. The Freshman Movement can do it. How to wash yoga clothes

How to wash yoga clothes?

I think it should be divided into the quality of yoga clothing. If it is very expensive yoga clothing, the trademark in it should say whether it can be hand-washed or not, etc., if it is ordinary yoga clothing, it is not so clear. If you are not worried about the trademark, you can wash it with soap. If you are worried about it, you can soak it with soap powder and rub it quietly. Try not to wring it out hard. When hanging it, try to fold it as much as possible. Don't let it hang straight to avoid deformation.

Alkaline substances such as soap are not used, which will damage the ingredients of the clothes. As most yoga suits usually only need sweat, soak and rub with the proper amount of salt. Of course, I don’t care that much. It’s really dirty, and it’s okay to use soap occasionally. After all, we still use soap on our skin, so clothes are definitely possible.

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