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How to choose custom yoga clothes?

by:Newsoon     2021-06-19

Yoga clothing is the basic equipment for every novice. Since the movements made during yoga practice are relatively soft and the swing range is relatively large, this means that novice yoga practitioners must not wear too tight when practicing yoga. 

Because of the yoga clothes that are too close to the body, the stretchability of the movements is not good. The general dress for practicing yoga is the upper tightening and lower loosening. Generally speaking, the top is relatively tight, but the pants are definitely loose. This is to make the movement in place and the practitioner has good stretchability. Under normal circumstances, you only need to bring out your own temperament when choosing tops, while pants are mainly loose and casual. Practicing yoga all seasons, you must wear long trousers for the more important role of absorbing sweat and avoiding running out.

1. Clothing that is too close to the body, the stretchability of the action is not good. The yoga clothes we see are basically tight and loose. The top is relatively tight, but the pants are definitely loose. This is for Bento puts the action in place. Tops only need to be able to wear their own temperament, and pants are mainly loose and casual.

2. Yoga clothes are underwear products, and more attention should be paid to their health characteristics. People will sweat a lot during exercise. If the material of the underwear is not really green and healthy, harmful substances will open with the pores. If it enters the skin and body, it will cause great harm to the human body for a long time. The current good yoga clothes are made of pure natural bamboo fiber so that you can enjoy the green and healthy feeling during yoga.

3. Yoga clothes are designed separately from the stretching of yoga itself. The more it achieves the effect of exercise, other sportswear is also warm and cumbersome, but it is not necessarily suitable for yoga's request for body shape and stretching.

4. For beginners, clothing is the basic equipment. We can often see that yoga moves are softer and larger in range, so I beg for yoga practice clothes not to be too tight. Although there are special yoga clothes on the market, you don't have to buy yoga clothes. You can also wear ordinary warm casual clothes. Wear warm, sweat-absorbing clothes. It is better to tighten the corners of the trousers so that it is not easy to run out.

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