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How to choose high-quality and healthy yoga clothes?

by:Newsoon     2021-06-24

White-collar workers who love yoga know that yoga is a culture, not just a simple exercise. Yoga entered the early days of our country, and it has become an exclusive sport for the white-collar class. In recent years, it has entered the homes of ordinary people. After yoga as a fashionable and healthy movement came to China, it gave birth to the yoga clothing industry. However, this industry has been in a difficult situation of mixed brands, shoddy manufacturing, and malicious competition for many years. Almost all consumer manufacturers operate at low costs and compete on prices. As the main operating strategy.

Long-term market competition has made most yoga clothing suit manufacturers put lowering product costs in the first place, and abandon the pursuit of quality. With the gradual improvement of life and death levels, the masses are increasingly pursuing a high-quality life. The same is true for the demand for yoga clothing products.

1. Specification One

In terms of shape retention, you must have good stretching and resilience. Yoga exercises have the characteristics of very large body movements. In the past, relatively loose clothing was used to comply with this request. As usual. People are paying more and more attention to the display of physical beauty. In order to comply with the movement angle of the limbs and the need of showing physical beauty at the same time, the fabric must have a very good stretch.

In this regard, many stretch knitted fabrics on the market can do this, but at the same time they neglect the resilience of the fabric, so we often see the phenomenon of bulging on the knees of the yoga suits we wear, or after washing. Produce dimensional changes, therefore, the ideal fabric should have good stretch while having the same good resilience.

2. Specification two

The color must have good colorfastness. One of the yoga exercises is called hot yoga. It is assumed that the clothes you wear when you are doing this exercise are discolored, and if you are sweating, the clothes are discolored due to discoloration. If your underwear is dyed, then you will not feel very good. Check whether the color fastness of the yoga clothes you buy can be regulated. There is a way to learn it at once. Please put the colored Tactel fabric and the white fabric together, and put them in hot water at about 70 degrees Celsius. Colored fabrics cannot Decolorization, the white fabric Baidu cannot be lowered, and the water cannot become turbid.

This is not considered qualified. You must go through a long-lasting dry experiment. Take out the two fabrics from the water, wring them dry, and fold them together, but the white one inside, and wrap it on the outside of the colored fabric for printing. All A4 papers are folded and put into a thick book. After 12 hours, they are taken out. The white fabrics and A4 papers cannot be dyed.

3. Specification three

Environmental protection indicators must be qualified. Yoga exercises advocating nature, and the request for clothing also start from nature. If the clothes you are wearing may make your skin allergic, or have some industrial odors, do you dislike such clothes? In terms of environmental protection, high-quality yoga clothing requires that the fabric must pass the national environmental protection monitoring certification and reach the export specification.

4. Specification four

The friction resistance must be qualified to meet the above three important requirements, the key point in the aesthetics of the style-the product friction resistance. It is requested that the fabric cannot be pilled, whether it is dry rubbing or wet rubbing, it cannot be camel, hooked silk, and the fabric cannot be wrinkled after rubbing. This aspect is relatively professional and not easy to explain. It also teaches you a way to learn it at a glance: Knead the clothes for one minute with your hands using the usual hand-washing method. After unfolding, compare with the unkneaded fabric, there should be no obvious burrs, let alone hooking.

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